Saturday, December 31, 2016

We are having fun celebrating the New year with Elder Johnson and Elder Mehr😀. Sent from the Fischer family New Year's Eve 2016!
Chuck says this is the typical "abendbrot" (dinner or directly translated as "evening bread"), which includes breads and cheeses, etc. Their big meal is always midday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Oldenburg Zone Meeting - Just before Christmas

Elder Glenn Johnson (Right of Center 2nd row) at his first Zone Meeting. This was just before Christmas and they brought him our Christmas package from the Mission Home that we had mailed in early November while he was still in the MTC!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

🎄🎄Frohe Weinnachten🎄🎄

Hello awesome family and friends!!!! Not sure how many of you still read these, but I´ll keep em coming anyways. I hope you all had a cute freaking week. And an awesome Christmas!!! Christmas is so cute in Germany, some interesting parts: The actual day where everyone opens all their presents is Heiligabend, aka Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day and the day after Christmas are all days where everyone stays at home and spend​s​  time with family, so those days we can´t proselyte. BUT our mission president allowed us to watch Disney Animated or Church movies during these days! So cool, because a lot of other missions don´t get that luxury. 

This week was awesome....I gave out my first Book of Mormon! So Elder Mehr and I were out street contacting this past Wednesday, in the Downtown Oldenburg area where the Christmas Market is, and it was cold and rainy, just like almost all the days here haha. So the people here don​'​t really love to talk about God, because a lot of them think that they don​'t need him, etc., but it was especially hard on Wednesday because it was cold and rainy, and everyone was in a rush to get their Christmas shopping done. So about 90% of the responses we would get from these people, would be something negative. Some people let us talk for a little bit, but other than that, we weren't having much luck. I started the talking with people for the first time, which is freaking scary, but it's pretty fun too. Anyways, we were about done, ready to head back to go get some lunch, and we decided we would talk to one more person. We walked up to this Man, introduced ourselves and asked if he would like a small message about Christmas, and he was interested! We talked with him for about 20 minutes right there, about the importance of the Book of Mormon and Christ and all that good stuff and I gave him the Book of Mormon I had and he said he would read it, and would love to meet with us after Christmas! All in freaking German too. Crazy how everything works out on the spot like that. But yeah, his name is Oliver, and his parents investigated the church before and named him after Oliver Cowdery, so that's a plus.

The Train Station

Oldenburg Christmas Market and famous St. Lambert Cathedral in the background 

Funny story, me and Elder Mehr were at this nice German famil​y's home for lunch yesterday, and when we had finished with the food, they went to go get ice cream for us like most Germans do, and when they brought it out, there was this odd egg-shaped thing right in the middle of the ice cream. When they put it in front of us, Elder Mehr leaned over and whispered "Some Germans like putting frozen eggs in their ice cream" and wow I was gonna freak hahaha. Since you have to eat everything Germans give you, I was preparing myself to just down it all and get rid of the taste with the rest of the ice cream, I was so nervous. When I took the first bite of this unknown substance that I thought was an egg, I realized it was just a frozen peach!! Hahah I was so relieved and it was delicious lol.

But other than that, this week was pretty awesome! I'm gonna miss the Christmas time, especially because of how cool it is here in Germany, and the people are more in the mood to talk about God during this time. But it's all good the work will go forth! I love and miss you all, have a beautiful week.

How Elder Johnson decorated for Christmas (with decorations we sent in a tiny box--the size was stipulated by the Mission President)

The view outside Elder Johnson's apartment in Oldenburg (pronounced Oldenborg)

Elder Glenn Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission

Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123 


Glenn called us just before church, Christmas morning, and he was so fun to talk to. We found out all sorts of interesting things. For example, his bathroom has many things in it other than a shower (the water heater and other things). But at least he has a shower, his dad said. 

He's been using his talent of playing piano so much on his mission already. They were at a home recently, where the mom asked if either of the missionaries could play the piano. Glenn was asked to play their Christmas music while they all sang carols. He said he was able to sight read all of it. Those days of making him practice have paid off!! Makes a mom's job worthwhile!

He said they have bikes somewhere, but they are broken. So, they do most of their travel on buses and trains.

We LOVE that he is in Germany serving his mission making the most of EVERY day. He was given the tender mercy of going where he always wanted to go. Now he is doing his part. He tells us he really enjoys contacting people even though his German is not that great yet. He's had many rejections, but he's okay with that and not letting it get him down. As a matter of fact, he is keeping a tally for every rejection he gets and the tally list was long (he showed us). As you will see in his next letter, he gave out his first Book of Mormon to someone who is interested in their message. THIS IS HUGE for Germany. 

He also told us that this mission is unusual as it encourages all missionaries to learn a 3rd language. Germany is a "melting pot" for many countries, and he will definitely take on the challenge he said. He has a couple of languages he mentioned that he is interested in learning as a third language. When he comes home, he will be TRILINGUAL!!

He bore his testimony in German to us and his Dad translated afterwards. He's an amazing missionary on loan to the Lord!

We don't want him to even think about what is going on at home--we want him to focus 110% on his mission and enjoy it while it lasts. It will be over before we all know it! 

Like Scott, his brother-in-law said, "The days will seem like years and the years will seem like days."       

Glenn's Mom and Dad

Christmas Day Skype!!! BEST. DAY. EVER!!! (He knew I was taking this picture and this is the face he gave me, haha.)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Herzlich Wilkommen zu Oldenburg!

Glenn loves to shop and has already been shopping in the famous Christmas markets in Germany! Check out the blog below for pictures of the areas where he is and information about the Berlin attacks.

Hallo Family and Friends!! 

It has officially been a week in Germany! Germany is craaaaazy. My companion is Elder Mehr and he´s awesome!! I think...... funny story, soo my area is Oldenburg, in West Germany, but I´ve been on splits with the District leader, Elder Pruett for 5 days now hahaha. He serves in Leer, about 20 minutes from The Netherlands, and I´m having a great time with him.

 Me and my man, Elder Pruett

Germany is a very interesting country.....the people here are very precise with how things are done it´s quite funny lol. I learned a few German table manners the hard way after eating with a sweet German couple. First off, never be not even one minute late. Second, even if you´re not hungry for seconds, your getting seconds AND thirds. Thirdly, you´ll never get ice. Fourthwise, don´t ever crack your knuckles in front of Germans. Elder Pruett learned that the hard way hahahaha. 

 Aside from that, yesterday we had finally met with a family we have been wanting to meet for a while. The Van der Wal Family. We had met the husband and let us in in a heartbeat and as soon as we got inside, he went off about saying congrats on Trump being our president and most of the whole time he explained the history of America and the government and how interesting it is. Ironically, he is the first German I have met who supports the new president. Other than that I love this guy because he actually reads and studies and doesn’t go off of internet rumors and what's seen on tv. Really smart guy! We had then shared the little Christmas video which is always a highlight and uplifting.

Another cool meeting we had was with an inactive member named Max. He´s from Miami, so it was nice to speak English in a lesson and to do some normal things. He had ICE which was sweet. Also he said he was going to get Dr. Pepper because there´s one supermarket in Oldenburg that sells it but he forgot!!! All good though. He´s got a lot of things going on in his life and it was awesome to share a spiritual thought with him and get some awesome dinner.

us with Max! Such a cool dude 

As Christmas has been coming up we have been less focusing on tracting, but more of visiting investigators and inactive members. It´s nice to hear from them especially because some people get sad and lonely around this time and it’s always nice to leave them with a sweet Christmas message and what Christmas is actually about.

Anyways, have a great week everyone and pray for Germany! They need God in their lives! Also pray for those who were hurt in the Berlin attacks, luckily all missionaries were safe and accounted for!

a döner, delicious turkish dish with lamb meat haha

Weinnachts Markt in Oldenburg!

Mission Home Announces Safety of All Missionaries 2016-12-19 Incident in Berlin

2016-12-19 Incident in Berlin

Dear family and friends of the missionaries of the Germany Berlin Mission,

Tonight a truck drove through a Christmas Market in Berlin, responsible for several deaths and many injuries. All of our missionaries are accounted for and safe.

Thank you for your prayers,

President and Sister Fingerle

Germany Berlin Mission

Sunday, December 18, 2016

First Assignment - Oldenburg District, Germany Berlin Mission

President and Sister Fingerle, Elder Johnson (squeezing a sweater under his suit coat), and first companion, Elder Mehr

Brother & Sister Johnson, 

We are pleased to announce that your son Elder Glenn Wesley Johnson, is safely with us in the Berlin Mission. We have had the opportunity to get to know him, and he is ready and excited to be here. Sister Fingerle and I look forward to working with him and will do all that we can to help him serve a happy and successful mission. Elder Johnson’s first companion will be Elder Mehr, and they will work together in Oldenburg for the next several weeks. If you would like to send letters to your missionary, please send them to the mission office address:

Elder Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Zerbsterstrasse 42
12209 Berlin

We have all discussed the mission goals and agreed that we will start right, work hard, and finish strong in order to fulfill our purpose to invite others to come unto Christ.

We, along with your son, appreciate the support which you give through your weekly letters and daily prayers in his behalf. Thank you for raising your son so that he can be part of this amazing work.

For a glimpse inside the mission, including occasional pictures of your missionary, you can check the blog we maintain at The mission office and staff can be reached anytime at  They will be glad to help you with any mission or missionary related questions.  Should there be something of a private nature, please do not hesitate to conatact me directly with my personal email:

I’ve included a picture of Elder Johnson, his companion, Elder Mehr, Sister Fingerle, and me.
May the Lord bless you in all that you do.


Christian H. Fingerle, President
Germany Berlin Mission

Beautiful Oldenburg, Germany

Oldenburg Castle

The Oldenburg Castle Garden

Typical Apartments in Oldenburg, Germany. Everyone rides a bike in Oldenburg!

Oldenburg is home to 160,000 people and the economic hub of the Bremen - Oldenburg metropolitan region. It is a university city and was the German City of Science in 2009. A former princely residence, it looks back over a history spanning 1,200 years. Oldenburg is a lively city with a great deal of charm embedded in a beautiful, unspoiled natural landscape. It has more than a few surprises in store.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

First Area - Includes Leer, Germany

This picture was taken in Leer, Germany, close to the Netherlands border. Elder Johnson was on an exchange in this picture.

This map shows Leer in the top left corner.

Leer in relation to Oldenburg the name of this District he is serving in, and Hamburg (Chuck's mission headquarters--no longer a mission).

This is good news for Elder Johnson, it even has the actual golden arches!

Winter in Leer

Castle Evenburg

Leer -- Home of the Huge Gallimarkt and Several Castles
The word “leer” may mean “empty” in German, but the town of Leer is certainly anything but. Located in the East Frisia region (Ostfriesland), close to the Dutch border, the city of Leer is situated along the Ems River.
Leer is perhaps best known for its unique marketplace, the Gallimarkt. The tradition was begun back in 1508 by Count Edzard. This “Oktoberfest” celebration, which started as a cattle market, has become the seventh largest in all of Germany.
When the Gallimarkt isn’t in full swing, let Leer’s active music and theater culture keep everyone entertained. Classical concerts, children’s puppet shows and DJs featuring the most modern music styles are some examples of what’s on offer at any time. After culture, it’s time for castles!
The Castle Evenburg is a recently-restored gem. This cream-colored chateau has Gothic spires that jut out like candles on a birthday cake. The old moat and gardens add to its charm.
The Castle Haneburg has its own allure. It is the most versatile of the bunch, having served as a National Socialist farmer school, a military hospital, a home for the elderly, and most recently, a school. Built in 1570, this rusty-colored Renaissance building has certainly seen many incarnations.
Not to be forgotten is the more austere Castle Philippsburg. Established by Baron Philipp von Wedel in 1730, it is renowned for its annual Fairy Tale Night, when the park is opened to the public.
Castles aren’t the only diverse buildings of Leer. Be sure not to miss Leer’s famous Town Hall building. This beautiful structure is the cornerstone of this “empty” city that has so much to offer.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Arrival into Germany (Frankfurt layover) Freiberg Temple with Mission President

We were watching Glenn's flight from Chicago O'Hare to Frankfurt, Germany, his first time in Germany, where his Dad was waiting to visit with him.

Like father, like son. Living the dream!!!!

DEC 13 GER-BER MTC Group on layover in Frankfurt, Germany
Three of the missionaries didn't make the flight due to injuries received in the MTC. They are at home recovering. Two of them will return straight to Germany in 6 weeks, the third one, who tore his ACL, will have to return to the MTC in 6 months.

Dear Brother and Sister Johnson,

We were happy to welcome your son into the Germany Berlin Mission today!

Attached are pictures of Elder Johnson at Radebeul and the Freiberg Temple with Präsident and Sister Fingerle.

For your information, Radebeul is the place where Elder Thomas S. Monson dedicated the land of Germany for the work on April 27, 1975. He promised many wonderful blessings that have been fulfilled and are still being fulfilled today.

Thank you for your sacrifice and support!
Germany Berlin Mission

First stop - Freiberg Temple!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Peace out America

I'm out of here!!! By Monday morning I will be on my way to Germany finally!!! This week has flown by super fast as I'm finishing preparations to leave and it's getting too real. I'm so pumped to go out and preach the Gospel in the second best country in the world.

A highlight of this week was when one of the Elders in my district, Elder Wright's Mother dropped by a couple McDonald's hot n spicys for us to enjoy.... man it had been too long hahahah I am going to miss those the most out of everything in the United States..........just kidding but for real those things are masterpieces.
We've got a couple new missionaries who are going to the country of Georgia on their mission and are learning Georgian! It's a really crazy language I could not imagine having to learn it. Fortunately though, they taught me how to write "Elder Johnson" in Georgian, its უხუაწსი ჰონაონი..... I'm pretty sure I got it but I'm not positive so feel free to correct me if anyone reading this speaks Georgian haha. It's just a bunch of scribbling to me lol.

This week during class the President of the MTC came into my class asking for me and my companion, and I was for sure that I was done for, I was ready to pack up and head home BUT since Elder Brown's Dad is the Doctor here, he only wanted to meet us and take some pictures! So that was quite the relief because I do SOOO much that could get me sent home...(I'm joking for all of you who take me too seriously).

Today we had our last class and it was kind of sad! I learned so much from these teachers and I am very grateful for all they've done to help me be the best missionary I can be. Well that's all for now, next week is going to be von Deutschland

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission

pic 1 - me and sister lopez being weird (he doesn't wear glasses)

pic 2 - ​​me, elder wright and a Georgian

pic 3 - me and elder brown with President Burgess, the MTC President

pic 4 - us with our awesome teachers, Brother Bretzing, Brother Barr, and Brother Nilson

pic 5 - ​​us with our other awesome teacher, Sister Hayden

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Onneeee Morrreeee Weeeeeek

Good Mornniinnnggggg Vietnam!!! 

It is such a nice feeling to only have one more week in the MTC! There have been some great fun and spiritual times here, but I'm so ready to get out to Germany next Monday

The highlight of this week had to be when we received our flight plans a day earlier than we expected! We are leaving at 4:50 a.m. Monday, and won't be in Dresden, Germany until 5:25 a.m. the next day....that's gonna be a fun trip hahah.

This week was good, a little longer because I'm so anxious to get out to Germany! We are learning more and more German every day and I feel pretty confident so we'll see how that goes in the real world hahah. Not much else happened this week so I'm going to keep this one short, although next week this time I'll be almost going to Germany! 

Love you all!

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission

 Me and my best friend Elder Mehr!! Love this guy​​

Sitting in this classroom for 9 hours a day can do a number on you

This picture was cold to pose for

Me studying das Wort Gottes

2 of my wonderful teachers

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thappy Hanksgiving!!!!

Hello Friends and Family,

I hope you all had a wonderful and Thanks filled giving. Thanksgiving is different here in the MTC. We got to hear from Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles which was an amazing experience! I'll speak more about what he said later. Then, we had a big turkey lunch which was super good! Then we watched "Ephraim's Rescue" an awesome movie about the struggles of different groups of Pioneers, definitely recommend watching it. Last, we participated in a giant service project of packing and sealing meals for starving children throughout the world! By the end, we had packed 359,000 meals for starving children and it was great to serve on a great day like Thanksgiving. 

This week was really pretty good! My German has been coming along pretty quickly and I am satisfied at where I am now, so I'm excited to keep learning and leave the MTC in 2 weeks and 2 days!! It has for sure flown by up here. BUT I'm insanely pumped to get out into Germany!

I hope you all had a good week and a great Thanksgiving and had time to ponder what you are thankful for. I know when someone asks me that, I say the usual things but there's one thing I have never realized I should be thankful for and that is our Trials. Elder Anderson quoted a great scripture which I thought I should share. In 2 Nephi 2:2 "thou knowest the greatness of God; and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain." 

I have never thought of it like that before but I realized that we all go through trials in our lives and we can receive help through Christ and His Atonement. Although, like in the Parable of the 10 lepers, we're not all quick to go to our Father in Heaven to thank him for his help and I know for me, it is hard to see how we have been changed and become better through them so I invite you all to try to think of how you have changed through them! Have an awesome week everyone!

Pic 1: Me and my men Elder Wright and Elder Brown​​


Pic 2: The awesome drawing Sister Lopez made for us!! 

Pic 3: Me and my best friends (left) Elder Lien and (right)   
  Elder Huang! Love these guys they are so fun to talk to!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Year 3 of the MTC

Here's a note just to give you an inside look at what Glenn is experiencing in the MTC branch of 20 or so German speaking missionaries. They are under the direction of their Branch President, who is a former Mission President in Atlanta: Last Sunday, Glenn played the piano for Sacrament meeting, blessed the Sacrament in German, accompanied the special musical number, gave a talk in German, and taught the lesson in priesthood meeting (in English)!

Not really year three but it kinda feels like it haha. So this week was a pretty alright week! I'm trying to stay positive no matter how boring it may or may not get here. Just kidding it's great. I love talking to the new missionaries when they come in every Wednesday it's so fun. 

But this week, me and my Companion Elder Brown taught our 3 new "investigstors", Christina, Marvin, and Stefano. Stefano is an Atheist so it has been tough to teach him that there IS a God that loves and knows him. All of them we committed to come to church with us this week so that's good! Even though it's fake, there's still a special Spirit that is present in the meeting that is helping me with my German, because I know there's no way I could speak such good German in a lesson without the Spirit. 

We also had our first TRC appointment this week, which is a real live person who volunteers at the MTC and me and my companion teach them a short little message and mostly try to get to know them and see what their needs are. We taught two groups of two people and we mostly focused on getting to know them, and we learned about them and left them with a short message on The Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was the strongest there that I have ever felt it in a German lesson! It was awesome.

On a less serious note, something funny happened this week. For those of you who know me, I'm like a pro at throwing different things up in the air and catching them behind my back. Well, being myself, I did that with my name tag, and obviously my name tag lands on the roof of our Residence Hall building. I was maddd haha but later that night, me and Elder Wright went out to go try to retrieve it, and him and a random other Elder lifted me up and I climbed up there and got it. Needless to say it was quite the sight to see for people walking by. The good ending of the story ius that I got it and nobody got hurt, probably the funniest thing to happen at the MTC so far. 

To end more spiritual, I'd like to share a scripture I like. In Mosiah 2:1it says "And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learnwisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." I know especially on a mission it's hard to understand why we do some of the things we do, but I know that serving your fellow men, whether it be your sibling or Mother or the people of Berlin, you are serving God.

Have a good week I love you all! Don't forget to write☺
Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission

It SNOWED all day Thursday!! Cold stuff​​.

Our district! Elder Wright, Elder Santo, Sister Lopez, Sister Spencer, Elder Brown, and Me.