Sunday, December 11, 2016

Peace out America

I'm out of here!!! By Monday morning I will be on my way to Germany finally!!! This week has flown by super fast as I'm finishing preparations to leave and it's getting too real. I'm so pumped to go out and preach the Gospel in the second best country in the world.

A highlight of this week was when one of the Elders in my district, Elder Wright's Mother dropped by a couple McDonald's hot n spicys for us to enjoy.... man it had been too long hahahah I am going to miss those the most out of everything in the United States..........just kidding but for real those things are masterpieces.
We've got a couple new missionaries who are going to the country of Georgia on their mission and are learning Georgian! It's a really crazy language I could not imagine having to learn it. Fortunately though, they taught me how to write "Elder Johnson" in Georgian, its უხუაწსი ჰონაონი..... I'm pretty sure I got it but I'm not positive so feel free to correct me if anyone reading this speaks Georgian haha. It's just a bunch of scribbling to me lol.

This week during class the President of the MTC came into my class asking for me and my companion, and I was for sure that I was done for, I was ready to pack up and head home BUT since Elder Brown's Dad is the Doctor here, he only wanted to meet us and take some pictures! So that was quite the relief because I do SOOO much that could get me sent home...(I'm joking for all of you who take me too seriously).

Today we had our last class and it was kind of sad! I learned so much from these teachers and I am very grateful for all they've done to help me be the best missionary I can be. Well that's all for now, next week is going to be von Deutschland

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission

pic 1 - me and sister lopez being weird (he doesn't wear glasses)

pic 2 - ​​me, elder wright and a Georgian

pic 3 - me and elder brown with President Burgess, the MTC President

pic 4 - us with our awesome teachers, Brother Bretzing, Brother Barr, and Brother Nilson

pic 5 - ​​us with our other awesome teacher, Sister Hayden

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