Monday, December 19, 2016

Herzlich Wilkommen zu Oldenburg!

Glenn loves to shop and has already been shopping in the famous Christmas markets in Germany! Check out the blog below for pictures of the areas where he is and information about the Berlin attacks.

Hallo Family and Friends!! 

It has officially been a week in Germany! Germany is craaaaazy. My companion is Elder Mehr and he´s awesome!! I think...... funny story, soo my area is Oldenburg, in West Germany, but I´ve been on splits with the District leader, Elder Pruett for 5 days now hahaha. He serves in Leer, about 20 minutes from The Netherlands, and I´m having a great time with him.

 Me and my man, Elder Pruett

Germany is a very interesting country.....the people here are very precise with how things are done it´s quite funny lol. I learned a few German table manners the hard way after eating with a sweet German couple. First off, never be not even one minute late. Second, even if you´re not hungry for seconds, your getting seconds AND thirds. Thirdly, you´ll never get ice. Fourthwise, don´t ever crack your knuckles in front of Germans. Elder Pruett learned that the hard way hahahaha. 

 Aside from that, yesterday we had finally met with a family we have been wanting to meet for a while. The Van der Wal Family. We had met the husband and let us in in a heartbeat and as soon as we got inside, he went off about saying congrats on Trump being our president and most of the whole time he explained the history of America and the government and how interesting it is. Ironically, he is the first German I have met who supports the new president. Other than that I love this guy because he actually reads and studies and doesn’t go off of internet rumors and what's seen on tv. Really smart guy! We had then shared the little Christmas video which is always a highlight and uplifting.

Another cool meeting we had was with an inactive member named Max. He´s from Miami, so it was nice to speak English in a lesson and to do some normal things. He had ICE which was sweet. Also he said he was going to get Dr. Pepper because there´s one supermarket in Oldenburg that sells it but he forgot!!! All good though. He´s got a lot of things going on in his life and it was awesome to share a spiritual thought with him and get some awesome dinner.

us with Max! Such a cool dude 

As Christmas has been coming up we have been less focusing on tracting, but more of visiting investigators and inactive members. It´s nice to hear from them especially because some people get sad and lonely around this time and it’s always nice to leave them with a sweet Christmas message and what Christmas is actually about.

Anyways, have a great week everyone and pray for Germany! They need God in their lives! Also pray for those who were hurt in the Berlin attacks, luckily all missionaries were safe and accounted for!

a döner, delicious turkish dish with lamb meat haha

Weinnachts Markt in Oldenburg!

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