Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Guten Tag Noch

I bid you all a warm welcome, allow me to direct you to our week.

We had a very busy week, but an even busier weekend I want to focus on. Saturday was the start of the craziness. We had to get a haircut because all the places were closed on Monday and we had stake conference, we had to take both of our talent videos for our bomb Facebook post (if you haven't seen it go check my profile, it'll be worth your time), go get Arabic bread from THE MOST habibi of Arabic stores, pack all of our stuff for stake conference, teach a Persian lesson, eat lunch, AND leave to Berlin by 2:00. Quite the rushed morning but we got everything done that we needed to.

view from up top of Olympic Stadium
I managed to make a train driver and lots of people very mad at me on this day as well. The ticket machine was very stupid and was taking forever to get people their tickets, and we waited in line for a while; close to when the train was going to leave. Well, we couldn't miss this train so Elder Oliver bought the tickets while I went and held the train door open, because the train can't leave us if one of the doors is still open and somebody is halfway in and halfway out. Well, Elder Oliver got in fine before we were supposed to leave, but there were still two people behind him in line who were almost begging me to keep the door open for them, because they as well can't miss the train. Of course, I would expect the same for me, so I did it for them. The next lady got in right before the train driver tries using his little gadgets to force close the door, but, sorry, I'm not letting this close on one guy who's almost done with buying his ticket. Next, a voice comes on the overhead speaker, "Please get out of the way of the door, this train needs to leave." I'm like okay okay, but, nah, imma stay until my legend’s in here with us. It's not his fault the machine was almost broken and taking forever. Well then, as the driver is still continuing to force close the door with no luck, he leans out his window from the very front of the train and treats me with a good, "GET OUT OF THE DOORWAY," and then a lady waiting for a different train yells back for me telling him to chill out, that the guy has no more than 10 seconds left before he's got his ticket. Now, I've got people behind me in the train yelling at me to move out of the way, who don't understand if they were in his situation they would want me to do the exact same. But I prevail, and my legend gets in, gives me a huge thank you. Our train leaves and is only one minute later than planned, so I would say it was quite worth it and a super funny experience.

The rest of Saturday was great, still a bit stressful considering I had to accompany for a musical number during stake conference, but it went very swimmingly. The talks were also very good and we had a good night. Sunday stake conference was also very good.

saw my boy elder Braun (mtc comp) at stake conference. He still looking good
We got a chance to go do some finding, and I got to do a couple just like the good Oldenburg days with Elder Mehr, and let me tell you, we met some legends! We talked to this family speaking Spanish, so Elder Mehr could practice his language, and it was awesome. They asked us where some good restaurants are, I believe in English because I understood. Elder Mehr recommended a Burger King nearby, and all these Peruvians just yelled "NOOO, we want good food!" So I hit them with a "McDonald's?" And we get another "NOOOO!" Kentucky Fried Chicken? "NOOO" and after a couple of those hilarious exchanges we direct them to where other restaurants would be.

Waiting in line for this cool picture booth thing we wanted to check out, we met the coolest dude named Musa. He comes from Gambia and spoke English, Arabic, French and a little bit of German. We asked if we could call him "Moose" for short and of course, he accepted. He was interested in what we do and also took a Book of Mormon and wants to meet with the missionaries. We exchanged contact information, took some pictures with him, and went on our way.

the legend Musa
I got to talk to some dude in Farsi which was super dope, it was overall a really fun time finding.

Today was very likely my last pday in Berlin. I got some last time Berlin stuff, we almost witnessed two guys beat each other up over a place to sit and beg for money. We visited the Olympic stadium where they had the Olympics a while back when Hitler was still in power. Really cool to experience and see all this stuff. We went up in a huge tower where we saw a super cool view of Berlin, and met some more Americans—solid time.

Olympic stadium
how it looked back in the day

the stadium from the tower
Anyways, that's about it for this week. Have fun this week ,

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

Monday, September 11, 2017

We ran over a person?

Greetings, friends.

We had yet another busy week here on the Havel. We were blessed with the opportunity to have an eating appointment with our legendary Russian family--and Shrek 4 in Russian was playing in the background the whole time--and that was just a whole other experience entirely.

Spiel Abend (game night) brought a funny experience. First off, we had like 7 or something people there idk it was awesome. That's a great way to grow friendships with the members who don't come to church as often as they should and through that friendship and trust they want to come, because it's dope and a good idea to go to church on Sundays. WELL, my brother in the work of the Lord, my companion, the Elder Oliver thought it would be fun if we made everyone spaghetti; so that's what he did. We are low budget missionaries, like most others, so we can't afford this Italy name brand crap for spaghetti so we went Ja! brand. For you Americans, the Ja! brand is similar to like Great Value or Kirkland signature. Not terrible, and cheap as heck. Well it still tasted pretty good, too and a member decided to share his thoughts. He compliments the cooking, but then goes "BUT" and begins to just destroy the ingredients Elder Oliver used. Canned tomatoes? Choke. Not enough sauce? Choke. Well, after a good minute or two of Elder Oliver taking his lashings, the member says "all in all, I'd give it a 3" just to twist the knife. Of course that's a new quote for us to have fun with.

Thursday, we were quite blessed with some miracles, it was quite a treat. Earlier in the day, we had a fun conversation in a store with these kids who were into minecraft. Boom. Two automatic new friends because of that beautiful game. Later, we had some young revelation to meet with a certain older member, and we made an appointment out with the legend. On the way there was just God's gameboard to see how many miracles he could throw at us. He hit us with the first one, as we are on the tram. A great friend of ours of the Afghanistanian background comes on the same tram as us and comes and sits next to us, and we just go off right there speaking Persian with him without shame. Well we had lost contact with him and us seeing him was great because we made out a few appointments to work on our Farsi with him. Alright nice move, God.

BUT it's not over; oh no. As we got off the tram, it started raining unbelievably hard. We start walking to our appointment and see an older man walking home with walking sticks very slowly, without an umbrella. So we go over and ask if we can walk him home, while protecting him from the rain, and we ended up having a great conversation and most importantly got to show him that we're here to serve others, not just knock on doors. During the walk with him, we experienced yet another miracle, and it was seeing the dad from the Arabic family we used to meet with! He was just done with work and was super excited to see us, and we were able to get in contact with him again. How dope is that?

selfie with Martin Luther church in the background? ✅
Okay well today was definitely the most interesting pday I’ve had in a long time..... I guess just to sum it up, we ran over a human being and saw the church where Martin Luther did the deed. Nah, I’ll go more into it for ya. Well, it all started as we embark on our trip to Wittenberg, the city where Martin Luther posted his 95 theses. Not even 5 minutes after leaving the train station in Bradenburg, we feel a huge bump and then the train just SLAMS on the brakes. Then we sit there for about 10 minutes absolutely clueless as to what just happened, and eventually we’re informed that our train was in a Personunfall, also known as an accident involving a human and our train; law of lugnuts, am I right? Then comes a 2 and a half hour wait, as fire, paramedics, police, criminal police, an airvac helicopter, and a police helicopter all come and do their business until we were finally able to get out and all cram into a bus to Potsdam. When something like that happens, deutsche Bahn just like shuts down and is useless. Haha because once there, every train was delayed, so we had to take an S Bahn to Berlin. Then, we ran to the service center and asked if we would be able to take an IC train that left not long after, or we’d have to wait another hour for a slower train and we'd be even later to Wittenberg; and since we were in the train that the accident happened, we were allowed to take the better train and had to run down there to catch that one. After a 2 hour trip turned into 5 and a half hours, we FINALLY made it there.

police helicopter. They weren't fans of our train crash

helpin us out the train :-)

goodbye you devil

Well that was a super dope experience to see the place where the reformation started, how dope. AND I was reunited with the coolest dude on this planet, Elder Wright!!! We had a wonderful time, just like the good ole times in the MTC. Not having much time there, resulted in us missing our train back, so we had to wait 2 hours for the next one; so we just checked some more stuff out. Then we get in our train back to Berlin, and are yet again delayed!!! Like deutsche Bahn has to chill today haha.

THE DOOR where Martin did the deed

Martin Luther is a legend though

inside the church

95 theses obviously

Overall though it was a great and busy week and pday. Sorry this was so long, thanks if you made it the whole way hahaha. 

Go eat a hot n spicy

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

Monday, September 4, 2017

Rest in Peace Steve Irwin

Good afternoon and welcome,

We had quite a week yet again. On Friday, I was blessed to receive a package from the two and only Stewarts. Remember the senior couple who brought me hot cheetos TWICE in Oldenburg? Well my legends sent me another package, in which some lit stuff was received. Quite a pleasant surprise, just solidifies the fact how great and pure they are, despite their terrible political views.

the face of a man who's just received a package from Linda and Dennis Stewart

Friday was also interviews again, which was fun as usual. We had to go straight to the Tafel which was wonderful. Nothing too interesting happened there either unfortunately.

Sunday was a dope day. We had an awesome lunch appointment, went back and had 2 Farsi appointments and went back for a dinner appointment with our dope Branch President’s family. We got some great food and dessert and had an awesome time talking about everything from missionary work to their dope vacation they just went on. Also saw my breath at night so it's already getting pretty chilly here, crazy.

the closest thing to regular Cheetos I've had yet in this country
(very popular among children in Iran)

Today for Pday we went to see the AquaDom, a super sick aquarium up there in Berlin. We saw everything from fish with insanely long noses to the stingray who killed Steve Irwin. We also got free slushies and free worthnesses.

Steve Irwin's murderer
an example of the Berlin version of German

"please use the tools for take out the candy"

Finally, I prepared a pretty bomb Thema in our last district meeting about the tricks and illusions of Satan. Unfortunately I can't perform it all for you, just the good parts. In the Book of Mormon, 2nd nephi 28:22, it talks about the different tricks Satan tries to tell us, for example there's no God, no Hell, etc., and that we can basically do whatever we want because there are no consequences. Well I'm gonna have to say that he's pretty wrong. We need to listen to the council in the wonderful, interesting and great book of Revelation, chapter 12:11 where John the Revelator teaches of the way to overcome the tricks of Satan, and that is through a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and that He is, in fact the Son of God.

There's something to ponder. Have a pleasant week my dudes,

 a dope Book a member gave me

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

Monday, August 28, 2017

Was (What in German)

Merhaba ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

I hope you’re all just doing quite well and dandy. This week was nothing but spectacular. We got to experience some cool stuff. We ate with a member on Thursday, and had some awesome German food ft. Rotkohl. For those of you who know me, my taste in good food varies from about McDonald's Hot n Spicy to Pizza with maybe hot Cheetos in between somewhere. Never would I imagine that in my right mind I would eat Rotkohl and enjoy it, but here we are folks. She also left us with some potato salad to take home (Elder Oliver’s favorite), which was quite nice.

Lamborghini mercy

elder Oliver buying some more minecraft Legos #cantstopwontstop​

We had quite the experience at the Tafel this week. We were there doing our job as usual and this Russian lady came in, paid her 3€ and got her food but started just like giving it back because it wasn't good enough for her. BUT we can't take back the food once it's given out so we weren't taking it back. We were trying to explain that to her, she decided she wanted her money back, and the boss was like nah fool you got your food, no money back. And then she started like screaming in Russian and he was screaming in German at her and she like storms around to the other side of the counter where the money is and attempts to get to it herself, but the boss got in front of her and was yelling in German that he'll call the police and stuff and she was just freaking out. Her friends came in and eventually ripped her out of there, what a great day at the Tafel.

Yeah, those were kinda the big parts of our week. We did some service for a member’s husband and that was quite enjoyable. I've had a ton of people say Servus to me since I started and it's wonderful. Oh, and we found a mini monopoly set for 7€ so we snagged that up real quick and have had some fun in our free time.

our mini monopoly set (use phone in top left for scale)

Lastly, I was kind of thinking this week about how it's pretty lame I didn't get to lifeguard this summer, instead I am on a mission. But if you think about it, I'm not lifeguarding, sondern lifeSAVING. Anyways, thought that was neat and I'd share it with ya.


Enjoy your weeks ahead of you.

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

No petting pugs here

Well hello there.

I don't got much time so let's just jump right into it.

To start off, we got our transfer calls this week, and both me and Elder Oliver are staying here in Brandenburg for another. That'll be 4 transfers here, or almost 6 months. I'm excited though I love this area and ward and we're going to destroy it this next transfer.

Last Monday after Pday we met ourselves with our new Arabic investigator. We brought the branch president along which was a great idea. She had a lot of worries and questions about how she could help her son find a place to live in Berlin, and luckily the branch president could help explain why we can't really do much here in Brandenburg. We were able to teach what we wanted to teach, but we at least got her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read and come to church. She ended up coming to church and is reading in the Book of Mormon, so that's pretty sick.

The Potsdam elders had a baptism this week for a legend from Cameroon. I swear those guys are always super ready. We have an investigator from there and maybe we can use their new convert to help us teach him—that would be sick. Also like nobody from our branch came to church this week, there were like 8 of us, so that was lit.

Sorry this email was quite uninteresting. Let me leave something of the spiritual nature for your forgiveness. Let's talk about the big eclipse that just happened for you all in America. We overheard a lot about the eclipse, from Facebook, family, and other Germans from the news. Apparently it is dangerous and bad for your eyes to look directly at the sun during the eclipse, correct? Well, how do we know that, just because the news says it or someone posts about it having affected them earlier? I'm sure there will still be people who don't believe the words of others and will do it nevertheless, and could damage their sight.

How many of us are guilty of the same with regards to God's commandments? There are many things Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the prophets have warned us of; with also the testimony of countless other members and believers, but sometimes that's still not enough. We think we need this personal experience in order to actually get a true belief—which can end very poorly. That is a thinking I feel we need to stray away from, as the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and the words of the prophets are testimony enough in how we should live our life to always stay safe.

Anyways I hope none of you went blind from the eclipse; we'll see us next week.

Stay sweet

with my legend Charlotte

we found some watch tower in the middle of the forest, lit
in the tower
feeding some fish in this great body of water

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

Monday, August 14, 2017


As many of you may know, "Servus" is a greeting in parts of Germany such as Sachsen, Bayern, and other southern parts. According to popular belief, you can't say "Moin" anywhere south of Hamburg because nobody will know it, but I conquered that myth many times here in Brandenburg. The real goal, was to get someone to say Servus back to me, and this week it was accomplished. The borders of where you can say what fell harder than the Berlin Wall. Nonetheless, it did take many tries, everywhere from people saying "hallo?" quite confused back, to them just making sounds that are similar to a villager in minecraft. It makes it fun saying hi to people.

Man, this week flew by. Elder Pen Rah See (Elder Penrose) and I had a wonderful Tausch, where I continued my streak of beating him in chess every time he tries. We also had ZoKo, (zone conference) which was pretty alright. The best part about it was having it in Freiberg.

Since we left so early, we made it to the temple earlier and got to do more work than some of the other missionaries, which was pretty sweet. The temple is a sick place, and nice that me and Elder Oliver are now famous among the workers there. (after going 3 weeks straight.) Now we just need to find a way to get there this coming week so we can keep our streak going on that one.

​our cute district at the temple (elder pen rah see lookin' the best)​

We had an investigator come to church which was quite fantastic. We met this wonderful Arabic lady at the Tafel, and she ended up asking us for the address of our church this week, and actually came! She had a great time, and said she wants to come every week now.

What's interesting about her that I had never heard, she is from Syria, but was raised Christian. Like what? Syria, Christians, didn’t think those mixed, BUT her city had mostly Christian churches and only a small amount of Muslim ones, how sick is that? Hopefully we see good things come from her.

Anyways, that was just about a recap of my week. This week come the transfer calls and I’m really hoping I stay here, because of how great this branch and area is, but we will see!

Have an above average week,

us doin' good ole dishes at the Persian trip

generations pic- my trainer (ex father, Elder Mehr), and my trainer's trainer (ex grandfather, Elder Powell)

​the calm before the storm

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Zoko August 2017

Elder Johnson always having fun! Left side laughing with bestie Elder Mehr, and not wearing a jacket...hmmm. 
For Zone Conference, they got to go to the temple again!