Monday, June 18, 2018

Young Crimes

Grüß Gott my friends, please, I want Him to feel greeted from me.

WELL, what a week, ladies and gentlemen. I was thinking about going the Elder Lorenzen path today and writing my whole email in Arabic and sending that out for you all to translate on your own, but I’ll be merciful today and write it in the greatest language of all languages, English.

Honestly this week wasn’t too crazy full of interesting stuff. We met with an American investigator of ours who isn’t actually rather interested in learning more about the church, but more interested to have a quite American conversation where we can talk about the greatness of the free land, including its amazing sweet candies. 😉

penrahhhhseeeeeeeee and Karl (the father of communism)
me and Karl

Karl looks great

We had quite the interesting appointment with our Arabic Persian couple investigators. It was extra fun because now we can both speak their native languages so we can both be learning our middle eastern language there. As we were waiting for our friends to be finished making us some delicious Arabic food, we got a call from an investigator of ours asking about an appointment and when we can, you know, have one, and it turned into quite the funny conversation. It went all the way from her being afraid that the police will take her to jail for sketchy things she did, to asking if we will pray with her at our meeting (like no lady, who do you think we are? Missionaries? No way), to the most legendary part when she starts randomly out of nowhere singing an English birthday song that neither of us had ever heard. This was amazing, so amazing that we asked her if she would sing again and if we could record it to send to our friend who has a birthday soon, and of course, why not? So now idk let me know when your birthday is and you can be blessed with this beautiful birthday song from some legend in (Barley) Bavaria Germany.

Other than that, yesterday I had the chance to struggle through teaching the plan of salvation to a Persian friend of mine who lives in Lübeck, and that actually went better than I expected it to. We had a solid conversation about God’s plan, and he’s just as big a fan of the actual plan as he is the Drake song. No but for real it was good, he actually wants to be baptized so that’s super sick and we’ll start working towards that because NUMBERS, nah just messing, but I’m excited to see what comes out of him.

just a fat Young throwback (MTC days--besties since day One!)

Anyways sorry this week was a little lamer, but I hope you were nevertheless entertained.

Thank you for your attentiveness,

Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof


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