Monday, June 4, 2018

Unwetter pt. 2

Salaam aleikom dustaanam

So I’m sure literally not a single one of you remembers, but about 1 year ago to this exact time, I had a weekly email named „Unwetter“. The rough translation for this German word means „the crap hits the fan and deutsche Bahn basically ceases to be a working company,“ where the real translation is, „severe weather“. Well if you can remember a bit now, you’d remember that last time we had this problem we ended up stuck in Potsdam for the night, which wasn’t too bad; it meant a night with the elder penrahsee. But this time the crap hit the fan, we were in the middle of nowhere dependent on 1 train to get us home. We were in a city in a far away part of our area on Thursday, when it started raining pretty hard and it was a pretty solid thunderstorm. We received news waiting for our train that a tree had fallen on the one track between this train and the station we were at, so it would be a while until the train back would get there. About 2 hours later our train finally makes it, and we are so relieved because we can finally head home, and classic, another tree fell on the track. So we went really slow for a long time as the driver drove by it, he ended up scratching the side of the train apparently because they kept going out and looking at it. Then we stopped at this random village and a different lady comes in and starts doing a bunch of paperwork which sounded like it had to do with the scratches on the train. By this point we’re like, my legends can I PLEASE get a Waffle? We eventually made it back home around midnight. Best part about it, our phone was dead the whole time so we had to borrow someone’s phone to be able to call our mission leaders and explain the situation.

basketball morgen Sport with the choke king

I was also approached by a prostitute and offered cheap Geschlechtsverkehr while Elder Rasmussen was in the bathroom, so that was a first for sure.

On a bit of a lighter note, I translated a few Persian lessons this week, one of which was very interesting. My legend read some things online that he had questions about, and let’s just say it was not easy, and I did not have the vocabulary ready to explain in Persian about polygamy. I somehow got my point across and cleared it all up, but that was another first haha. He asked me a good question though in our appointment, as I was explaining our beliefs of the life after death in a spirit world, he asked me, „Okay so if everyone there will have a chance to hear from the gospel; and I choose to listen to you now and not accept it, will I have that same chance then?“ I was taken back a little by that question, because it’s a really good point. After a bit of thinking and trying to figure out some words I can say to explain this, I ended up just saying „most important thing is that God loves us and wants us to be able to live with him again, and He will do what He can to get us there.“ Both he and I felt pretty satisfied by that answer. It was the Geist saying it not me šŸ˜‰.

Other than that, the legend Elder Cole Rasmussen is minding if he kicks on a young plane trip and heads back to America this week. He’s gonna kill it out here and be engaged within 4 weeks, no doubt about it. Gonna miss that kid, I mean why not shoot guys it’s Rasmussen here. And I’m getting another companion from Utah to add to my large amount of them, classic. Elder Wright is also leaving me to go north so I’m sad for all of you not going to be able to see those good looking pictures I send every week of us. He’s going to destroy it up there #mocc #18weeks

district Mexican food (for Germany, 7/10)
mmmmm gotta get that young kiwi Becher

roar (means give yourself a try in dinosaur)
what a BEAUTIFUL CITY (right, rosa?)

we thought this place was a cool old castle thing but it’s just a restaurant haha 
me and Rasmussen at a tower a few weeks ago
I am climbing said Tower

Alrighty wellllllllllllll bye

„mom said it’s my turn in the trash“

Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof

Von meinem iPad gesendet

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