Monday, July 9, 2018

The 241th Anniversary of the Beginning of World History

Alrighty ladies and gentlemänner,

Welcome back to this week’s edition of „Where in the Country is Elder Johnson“. Well, this week I was in just about only 2 places; the feels, and deep thought. Nah just messing, the two places I was in was Berlin (little city a bit north of us, you’ve probably never heard of it), and our home.


Why was I so much time in my home, you ask yourself? Online proselyting, baby. The Church announces missionary work 3, this time it’s all done inside your apartment 😎. Oh also my companion almost died from a sunburn blister, probably should mention that. From those of you who read / still remember my weekly from last week, I wrote about the legendary burning of the members of the Hof branch. Well heck diddly do y’all, I was underestimating when I said that any of us got it bad ooooo baby. It didn’t help that we sat again in the sun at beach volleyball on Monday, after which my companion put on socks potentially containing sand, just to rub against his already bad sunburn, which eventually turned into a half orange-sized blister near his ankle. This baby was a monster. Along with that, he had many smaller blisters along his legs and arms, needless to say, we weren’t going anywhere for a while.

yes,,,my friend,,,, the sun makes,,,,,orangeankle

Well as my friend lied on his death bed, a problem occurred. We needed to somehow get to Berlin in order to Tausch Persian style, but luckily we found a solution and I brought a different Elder up there with me and we went to the small cute little city of Berlin. Before that, we were eingegossen with the wonderful opportunity to eat from the greatest Döner in Germany, yes the legendary Babelsberg. It only gets better every time I go.

In berlin, we were able to Persianize the heck out of that place; taught a lesson to our good friend in Lübeck, who is now aware of the 10 commandments and will do his best to follow them, and found a few potential Persian investigators, made an appointment out with an inactive Persian member who they’ve been trying to get back in contact with for quite the while and speaks lots of Farsi. We spoke with one man (he wasn’t German, no idea where he was from) who was convinced that God created us, trees and plants and animals, and left us in this world that Satan created to be led into Satan’s arms. He had some interesting ideas but as we were talking to him, I look over as an old lady is crossing the street, biffs it face first hardcore yelling, when an ambulance happened to be driving by at that exact moment and stops and helps her, ALL while this man is telling me that Christians are worshiping the wrong Jesus. It was truly wild, friends.

Personal Motto

Other than that, thank goodness for the 5 minute delay of our train that we raced, God Bless America, and the sisters almost got kidnapped this week, but you know all in a week’s work right? Speaking of America, we were blessed with a wonderful USA barbeque with the family we ate with yesterday, it was nice and patriotic.

Well my Herrschaften, I don’t have much more to say besides wear sunscreen and don’t ride your bike down concrete stairs, thanks you very much, have a good one, we’ll see you nex

you should’ve seen the sun after this fight

that’s what happens, boys and girls #12,10

Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof


  1. Hope you made it home safely after a long airport delay. There's nothing better than that first hug with the family. God bless you for your service. Tchuss!

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  6. Was great to meat you guys in Koblenz yesterday!

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