Monday, December 26, 2016


Glenn called us just before church, Christmas morning, and he was so fun to talk to. We found out all sorts of interesting things. For example, his bathroom has many things in it other than a shower (the water heater and other things). But at least he has a shower, his dad said. 

He's been using his talent of playing piano so much on his mission already. They were at a home recently, where the mom asked if either of the missionaries could play the piano. Glenn was asked to play their Christmas music while they all sang carols. He said he was able to sight read all of it. Those days of making him practice have paid off!! Makes a mom's job worthwhile!

He said they have bikes somewhere, but they are broken. So, they do most of their travel on buses and trains.

We LOVE that he is in Germany serving his mission making the most of EVERY day. He was given the tender mercy of going where he always wanted to go. Now he is doing his part. He tells us he really enjoys contacting people even though his German is not that great yet. He's had many rejections, but he's okay with that and not letting it get him down. As a matter of fact, he is keeping a tally for every rejection he gets and the tally list was long (he showed us). As you will see in his next letter, he gave out his first Book of Mormon to someone who is interested in their message. THIS IS HUGE for Germany. 

He also told us that this mission is unusual as it encourages all missionaries to learn a 3rd language. Germany is a "melting pot" for many countries, and he will definitely take on the challenge he said. He has a couple of languages he mentioned that he is interested in learning as a third language. When he comes home, he will be TRILINGUAL!!

He bore his testimony in German to us and his Dad translated afterwards. He's an amazing missionary on loan to the Lord!

We don't want him to even think about what is going on at home--we want him to focus 110% on his mission and enjoy it while it lasts. It will be over before we all know it! 

Like Scott, his brother-in-law said, "The days will seem like years and the years will seem like days."       

Glenn's Mom and Dad

Christmas Day Skype!!! BEST. DAY. EVER!!! (He knew I was taking this picture and this is the face he gave me, haha.)

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