Monday, October 2, 2017

Tschüß, DDR

Well hello, glad to see you’re back.

I guess I will begin with some news about transfers. Well, my dudes, it looks like I’m going to Hamburg! My area is called Wilhelmsburg, it’s a ward, idk man this is gonna be super cool. I also am going to become a district leader, so that’s lit. My first district leader in the mission, Elder Pruett, will be in my district which means he was my first district leader, and I’ll be one of his last. Crazy stuff. I‘m super sad to be leaving this wonderful city and the amazing members here and I’m gonna miss them lots, but so is life my dudes.

Aside from that craziness, we received a wonderful text on Tuesday morning that read „Hallo ich bin Brandenburg“ (hello I am Brandenburg; he meant I am in Brandenburg) although we didn’t have this number saved in our phone, we were without doubt it was our legend, Hasan. We had a lesson and headed to the church where Hasan made us some delicious food, and we got to work on our Persian a lot with him. Wednesday, he was here as well and made food for our whole district after district meeting and that was cool. He’s a very pure soul.

Tschüss my legend 😭

Hasan came with us to Sister Musehold's, both legends
Elder Koerper and I went on Tausch this week. We were in the MTC together, but he is like 100 times more legendary out here. We got a call early in the morning on our Tausch from a member who needed some help moving things out of his apartment, so we did that and had a quick random lesson. How sick. Then I got to teach him the ways of serving at the Tafel, and then right as we met back up with our comps, he talked to a deaf person using his skills in German sign language.

our weird district

Well shoot guys that’s about it from our week. General conference was awesome as usual and very sad to hear of the passing of Elder Hales from the quorum of the 12 apostles. One of my favorite parts was from Sister Oscarson’s talk about instead of trying to change the world, we need to start close to us, aka our family and close friends. And how she talked about when we go to a church meeting or activity, instead of asking ourselves „what can I take out of this activity?“, we should ask the question „who needs me today?“ because there will always be someone who would benefit from us reaching out to them. Something to put you in deep thought for today.

alright see ya

Elder Glenn JohnsonKirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

Von meinem iPad gesendet

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