Monday, September 25, 2017

Make Germany Great Again?


Enough of this greeting nonsense, let's dig right in. SO do you remember a few weeks ago when we ran over a person going to Berlin?? Guess who that happened to again?? Not us, I just thought it would be crazy if it did; not this week though. Deutsche Bahn was fairly normal this week.

my freaking favorite little girls, they are wonderful 

What wasn’t very normal this week, was yesterday we had elections here in Germany. I didn’t ever think I would give a heck about German politics, but it was actually pretty interesting. There are 2 quite interesting points of this election. 1: The Chancellor for like the past 12 years, who basically hand-writes invitations to every person in the Middle East to live in Germany, was reelected again. 2nd, there is a quite right sided party who ran this year called alternative für Deutschland. I assume no translation is needed for that one. But they are also known by many as „Nazis“  as a result of their views on immigration and lack of much love for the Muslim immigrants.

If any of you reading this were in attendance at my farewell, you’ll remember I ended my talk with, „It’s time to make Germany great again,“ let’s just say this party is the one with this kind of outlook here for Germany, just a liiiiitle bit crazier haha. But this isn’t the first time such a party has tried to run, but none has ever actually done well in elections. The AfD received almost 13% of the vote and got about 90 seats in the parliament, which hasn’t happened since WWII. How crazy, we out here making history my dÜdes.

Anyhow, I was treated with a nice Tausch with Elder Sneech Earl in Potsdam this week, in which we pulled a South American missionary. We were finding and we got stopped by some guy who was interested in our book? Next thing we know he’s going to be standing in the baptismal font with his whole family waiting for us to baptize them. Nahhhhhhh, he was just studying religion and wanted to learn more from our book, happens actually not too rarely here.

Potsdam has got some alright churches

me with my other legend, Jesus

We also ate at the university cafeteria and sat by a German dude and had a 3 minute conversation as we realized we choked by not sitting next to a dope looking African dude.

What else did we hooligans do this week you might ask? We had zone conference which was great fun as always, and Elder Oliver was asked to help translate for a Persian investigator‘s baptismal interview, which would last only 30 minutes. That 30 minute interview turned into a young 3 hours of chilling with the APs, which wasn’t bad. They’re pretty legendary. We were also thanked with a ride home from them because of our troubles (also having to miss an appointment).

We had a dope talent show in Leest this week, and let me tell ya; Leest has got talent for sure. They had some quite entertaining and dope talents, as well as the stars of the show, Sister Smith and I. We played a cute little duet with the piano and violin of, I Believe in Christ. 10/10 I would go to their talent show again. The sisters actually had a non-member come who was quite moved by the show and had found real happiness and peace and wants to meet with them to find out how to find more of it, so I’d say it was a W.

post talent show selfie? sure

Tomorrow, we will be blessed with a visit from our favorite Persian who’s coming all the way from Frankfurt to hang out with us for a while, so we’re going to invite some of our other Persian legends and just have a blast. 

We also receive transfer calls this Saturday, and the likelihood that I am moved is pretty high. I love this city and this ward, but we will see what happens.

my legend Lilian Eve Rebecca Osbeck

Anyways, my dudes, music is a dope way to feel the spirit/feel real joy and peace. Go find that joy you’re looking for.


Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

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