Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Guten Tag Noch

I bid you all a warm welcome, allow me to direct you to our week.

We had a very busy week, but an even busier weekend I want to focus on. Saturday was the start of the craziness. We had to get a haircut because all the places were closed on Monday and we had stake conference, we had to take both of our talent videos for our bomb Facebook post (if you haven't seen it go check my profile, it'll be worth your time), go get Arabic bread from THE MOST habibi of Arabic stores, pack all of our stuff for stake conference, teach a Persian lesson, eat lunch, AND leave to Berlin by 2:00. Quite the rushed morning but we got everything done that we needed to.

view from up top of Olympic Stadium
I managed to make a train driver and lots of people very mad at me on this day as well. The ticket machine was very stupid and was taking forever to get people their tickets, and we waited in line for a while; close to when the train was going to leave. Well, we couldn't miss this train so Elder Oliver bought the tickets while I went and held the train door open, because the train can't leave us if one of the doors is still open and somebody is halfway in and halfway out. Well, Elder Oliver got in fine before we were supposed to leave, but there were still two people behind him in line who were almost begging me to keep the door open for them, because they as well can't miss the train. Of course, I would expect the same for me, so I did it for them. The next lady got in right before the train driver tries using his little gadgets to force close the door, but, sorry, I'm not letting this close on one guy who's almost done with buying his ticket. Next, a voice comes on the overhead speaker, "Please get out of the way of the door, this train needs to leave." I'm like okay okay, but, nah, imma stay until my legend’s in here with us. It's not his fault the machine was almost broken and taking forever. Well then, as the driver is still continuing to force close the door with no luck, he leans out his window from the very front of the train and treats me with a good, "GET OUT OF THE DOORWAY," and then a lady waiting for a different train yells back for me telling him to chill out, that the guy has no more than 10 seconds left before he's got his ticket. Now, I've got people behind me in the train yelling at me to move out of the way, who don't understand if they were in his situation they would want me to do the exact same. But I prevail, and my legend gets in, gives me a huge thank you. Our train leaves and is only one minute later than planned, so I would say it was quite worth it and a super funny experience.

The rest of Saturday was great, still a bit stressful considering I had to accompany for a musical number during stake conference, but it went very swimmingly. The talks were also very good and we had a good night. Sunday stake conference was also very good.

saw my boy elder Braun (mtc comp) at stake conference. He still looking good
We got a chance to go do some finding, and I got to do a couple just like the good Oldenburg days with Elder Mehr, and let me tell you, we met some legends! We talked to this family speaking Spanish, so Elder Mehr could practice his language, and it was awesome. They asked us where some good restaurants are, I believe in English because I understood. Elder Mehr recommended a Burger King nearby, and all these Peruvians just yelled "NOOO, we want good food!" So I hit them with a "McDonald's?" And we get another "NOOOO!" Kentucky Fried Chicken? "NOOO" and after a couple of those hilarious exchanges we direct them to where other restaurants would be.

Waiting in line for this cool picture booth thing we wanted to check out, we met the coolest dude named Musa. He comes from Gambia and spoke English, Arabic, French and a little bit of German. We asked if we could call him "Moose" for short and of course, he accepted. He was interested in what we do and also took a Book of Mormon and wants to meet with the missionaries. We exchanged contact information, took some pictures with him, and went on our way.

the legend Musa
I got to talk to some dude in Farsi which was super dope, it was overall a really fun time finding.

Today was very likely my last pday in Berlin. I got some last time Berlin stuff, we almost witnessed two guys beat each other up over a place to sit and beg for money. We visited the Olympic stadium where they had the Olympics a while back when Hitler was still in power. Really cool to experience and see all this stuff. We went up in a huge tower where we saw a super cool view of Berlin, and met some more Americans—solid time.

Olympic stadium
how it looked back in the day

the stadium from the tower
Anyways, that's about it for this week. Have fun this week ,

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Stra├če 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

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