Monday, September 4, 2017

Rest in Peace Steve Irwin

Good afternoon and welcome,

We had quite a week yet again. On Friday, I was blessed to receive a package from the two and only Stewarts. Remember the senior couple who brought me hot cheetos TWICE in Oldenburg? Well my legends sent me another package, in which some lit stuff was received. Quite a pleasant surprise, just solidifies the fact how great and pure they are, despite their terrible political views.

the face of a man who's just received a package from Linda and Dennis Stewart

Friday was also interviews again, which was fun as usual. We had to go straight to the Tafel which was wonderful. Nothing too interesting happened there either unfortunately.

Sunday was a dope day. We had an awesome lunch appointment, went back and had 2 Farsi appointments and went back for a dinner appointment with our dope Branch President’s family. We got some great food and dessert and had an awesome time talking about everything from missionary work to their dope vacation they just went on. Also saw my breath at night so it's already getting pretty chilly here, crazy.

the closest thing to regular Cheetos I've had yet in this country
(very popular among children in Iran)

Today for Pday we went to see the AquaDom, a super sick aquarium up there in Berlin. We saw everything from fish with insanely long noses to the stingray who killed Steve Irwin. We also got free slushies and free worthnesses.

Steve Irwin's murderer
an example of the Berlin version of German

"please use the tools for take out the candy"

Finally, I prepared a pretty bomb Thema in our last district meeting about the tricks and illusions of Satan. Unfortunately I can't perform it all for you, just the good parts. In the Book of Mormon, 2nd nephi 28:22, it talks about the different tricks Satan tries to tell us, for example there's no God, no Hell, etc., and that we can basically do whatever we want because there are no consequences. Well I'm gonna have to say that he's pretty wrong. We need to listen to the council in the wonderful, interesting and great book of Revelation, chapter 12:11 where John the Revelator teaches of the way to overcome the tricks of Satan, and that is through a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and that He is, in fact the Son of God.

There's something to ponder. Have a pleasant week my dudes,

 a dope Book a member gave me

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Stra├če 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

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