Monday, August 28, 2017

Was (What in German)

Merhaba ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

I hope you’re all just doing quite well and dandy. This week was nothing but spectacular. We got to experience some cool stuff. We ate with a member on Thursday, and had some awesome German food ft. Rotkohl. For those of you who know me, my taste in good food varies from about McDonald's Hot n Spicy to Pizza with maybe hot Cheetos in between somewhere. Never would I imagine that in my right mind I would eat Rotkohl and enjoy it, but here we are folks. She also left us with some potato salad to take home (Elder Oliver’s favorite), which was quite nice.

Lamborghini mercy

elder Oliver buying some more minecraft Legos #cantstopwontstop​

We had quite the experience at the Tafel this week. We were there doing our job as usual and this Russian lady came in, paid her 3€ and got her food but started just like giving it back because it wasn't good enough for her. BUT we can't take back the food once it's given out so we weren't taking it back. We were trying to explain that to her, she decided she wanted her money back, and the boss was like nah fool you got your food, no money back. And then she started like screaming in Russian and he was screaming in German at her and she like storms around to the other side of the counter where the money is and attempts to get to it herself, but the boss got in front of her and was yelling in German that he'll call the police and stuff and she was just freaking out. Her friends came in and eventually ripped her out of there, what a great day at the Tafel.

Yeah, those were kinda the big parts of our week. We did some service for a member’s husband and that was quite enjoyable. I've had a ton of people say Servus to me since I started and it's wonderful. Oh, and we found a mini monopoly set for 7€ so we snagged that up real quick and have had some fun in our free time.

our mini monopoly set (use phone in top left for scale)

Lastly, I was kind of thinking this week about how it's pretty lame I didn't get to lifeguard this summer, instead I am on a mission. But if you think about it, I'm not lifeguarding, sondern lifeSAVING. Anyways, thought that was neat and I'd share it with ya.


Enjoy your weeks ahead of you.

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel 14770

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  1. I love reading your weekly posts Elder Johnson. Just so you know Max and Jr are still doing ok. Getting older, but still full of life!