Monday, October 9, 2017

„Er duscht dich“


There’s been so much crap the past 5 days, I will now use the form of bullet points as an attempt to make it all known.

  • I said goodbye to some legendary families in Brandenburg
The Osbecks, my legends

  • I took a tea candle light bath, quite relaxing might I say

My lit bath--last night in Brandenburg

  • Traveling to Hamburg 
Goodbye, my legends

  • In Hamburg, we were hit by a huge storm, they called it „Xavier“ you can look it up. The storm killed 6 people in northern Germany and 1 lady in Hamburg

  • The storm basically stopped all movement of public transportation in and around Hamburg

Hamburg craziness--the main screen was totally blank 

  • We were almost hit by a falling branch going out to check out the big tree that fell down

  • We served with a very interesting man at the Tafel, who will only call us by our first names and loved controversial questions about the church

  • We saw 2 car crashes on the same corner on the same day

  • We saw 3 busses in an accident in which they all had destroyed fronts and lots of police

  • We put our friend Richmond on baptismal date, for the 28th of October, super sick lesson about Christ visiting the Americas and about the restoration

  • We met with another few African legends

  • We played soccer one morning and the people we played with kicked the ball so hard it broke a window of the stake center

  • After soccer we went home and showered and while I was showering the Hausmeister under us came up and asked if all is good, because we don’t usually shower during the day, and Elder Hillyard meant to say „er duscht sich“ which means he’s showering himself; but said rather „er duscht dich“ which means he’s showering you

  • Georg, another investigator of ours, is also being baptized on the 28th with our friend Richmond

  • We sat next to a guy on the S Bahn who had some Arabic letters on his phone, so I peeked over and read that it was Persian, so I used some of my amazing sign language to tell Elder Hillyard that, so we started speaking Persian to each other very not well. But then I made a mistake and the guy fixed my mistake and I got to „act all surprised” that he spoke Persian, and we introduced the church and the Book of Mormon and gave him a Persian one. We wrote down his number WRONG, sadly, but hopefully he’ll find the church somehow. He seemed quite interested

  • This city is dope and the mission work here is going suuuuper well--I’m loving it

View from my Apartment

Hamburg Rathaus is siiiiiick man

chill half sphere seats in wormland

Well then that’s how it’s going here. The Lord is working miracles left and right and we get to reap the rewards of hard work. Stay thirsty my friends…

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Heckengang 55
21079 Hamburg

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  1. I look forward to your letters every week you are livin your dream, it's our dream to serve a mission someday in Germany. So glad and happy you are loving the work.