Monday, October 16, 2017

I Live Among Hamburgers

Greetings homies,

Welcome back to another report of the 2 American guys trying to preach the word of God in a somewhat anti-God country. We’re still working closely with 2 of our friends who will be baptized, but unfortunately both of them need to wait a little longer to be ready to be baptized, but that’s okay. In fact, we had a small miracle at our lesson with Richmond, our friend from Ghana. We rang his apartment and he let us in. And as we were walking in he was about to walk out to leave, because his boss had called him to come do something. But he decided he’d have us teach him and he would just wait for his boss to call again. We taught for about 30 minutes and then his boss called and cancelled their appointment, so we got to finish our bomb lesson. Miracles haven’t ceased boys.

we representing Arizona here in Hamburg

We’ve been working with another investigator of ours, Jason, to find an answer for the big ole question whether or not the church is true. We spent a good hour or so with him discussing how he can find the answer and what he needs to do with the answer once he gets it, commonly known as real intent. He seemed to enjoy and learn a lot from it, and came to church. So we’re making some good progress here ladies and gentlemen.

Our ward has been focusing a lot on missionary work, which is sweet to see. They emphasize praying specifically for the missionaries of their ward by name, and since they’ve started doing that we have been reaping the benefits from it. We experienced another miracle on Sunday. A little late into the first hour of church, a lady walks in and sits down in the congregation. Throughout the meeting, she did a few things that you’d see normally in a Catholic Church or other religions which aren’t quite what we usually do during sacrament meeting. We went up afterwards and introduced ourselves and she had a cool story. She’s from Haiti and lives here in our little part of Hamburg. She wanted to visit a church because for some reason hers was closed, and after asking around on the street, someone pointed her in the direction of ours. She loved sacrament meeting, really enjoyed the English Sunday school class with our English speaking members, and said she’s going to try to come every week! We got to give her a Book of Mormon and explain a little bit about our church, but more importantly we exchanged phone numbers and we planned on meeting this week. How sick is that?

I tried to think of something funny that happened this week to write about, but all the miracles kind of drowned out the funny stories so sorry not sorry haha. I really enjoyed a quote we heard in church on Sunday from a speaker who said, „We need to first love ourselves before we can love our neighbor as we love ourselves.“ As commanded, we need to love our neighbor as ourselves—we can’t do that if we don’t love ourselves. I just figured that was a cool thought to share.

some monument of a dude with a gun, found it fitting

These r not the missionaries u are looking 4 
when there are no open seats 😫
anotha monument ne?

Enjoy your weeks, my sons

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Heckengang 55
21079 Hamburg

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