Monday, February 20, 2017

We met Jesus

Well hello there everyone,

I hope you all had a beautiful week. I forgot to tell you all a couple weeks ago we met Jesus in the train station. A man comes up to us and introduces himself as Jesus, and says that he's been wandering the earth for a thousand or so years. Pretty cool, but then he said he needs money, so we obviously gave him all of our inheritance, cause we met Jesus.

Dooring a Retro Train, I mean why not?
 Anyways, man, what another great week! On Thursday we were at the church, preparing for our English class (that nobody showed up to), and we received a referral from Salt Lake for a girl who referred herself. So we went over to her house, and her parents weren’t home so we couldn’t teach her anything, so we just introduced ourselves. She's about 14 or 15 years old, and did foreign exchange in Utah with an LDS family! She knows a good amount about the church already and we had a good meeting with her and her mother today!
Also this week, we saw some success come from the Book of Mormon activity we did last week!  So, Elder Mehr and another Elder met this guy that speaks super good English but was super interested! He's from Syria, and we met with him last Friday! The meeting went super well. We taught the entire first lesson, and most of the second. We also hit him with the soft baptismal invitation, where if he finds what we are saying and the church is true, that he will be baptized and he said he would be! But yeah and then he invited us to come back this Thursday, so he's now a real investigator so we’re super hopeful about him too! Weird that that is my first investigator of the whole mission basically. The other has been investigating the church for 21 years and isn't budging so not sure if I can count him haha.  But yeah that was awesome.

Then on Saturday we went over to Leer for the Book of Mormon there, and we just drove over to a city like 40 minutes outside, called Emden. It's a really pretty city, but we went there for a couple hours and did some finding. Then after that, we went over to a small village and just doored every single house in it, which was pretty fun, and we found some good success from it! We got around 7 or 8 books out of the whole thing, and I got one out in Polish too, so that was cool! Hopefully they can see some success come out of it like we did.

No place like home, though... Elder Johnson may just be more at HOME there in Germany than he realizes.His 25th great grandfather, Philip Von Hohenstaufen, was the King of Germany from 1198 till 1208, when he was assassinated in Bamburg Germany!! 

My District at Max's place. Elders Colemere and Sinclair on the left. Center, Max (my favorite American living in Germany) from Miami, FL, now living in Leer, Me and Elder Mehr on the right.

Anyways that's about it for this week, oh and someone totally
said, "I'm not interested," right after they opened the door and before we had even spoken a word to her. Hahaha funny stuff how people can just tell we're from America. Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful week, also love your dogs for me.

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123

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