Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Alles Gute zum Valentinstag

Hello dearest family and friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Germans don't celebrate it very much here, some do though so it was kind of a little fun. Our sweet senior sister made us some Valentine's Day cookies so that was wonderful. Also I am sorry for the delayed sending of this email, my P-day was changed to Wednesday this week.

Oh man this week was packed! I went out to Leer on splits with good ole Elder Sinclair. He's a pretty funny Brit. They have islands in the top of their area, on the Nordsee, that they've never been to, so we decided we would go to them for the first time. We got there and parked and went to go get on a ferry to the islands, and the attendant told us that the last ferry coming back to the main land is the one we are arriving on, so we would have to come back immediately. So obviously we didn't go, but instead went finding around the coast line. We met a man and his family who were flying kites (it was insanely cold with crazy winds), and he is from 10 Kilometers away from where Elder Sinclair grew up, so he speaks English, and Elder Sinclair and I had a great talk with him about everything. Sadly, he didn't have much interest in the church, but we took a selfie with him so that was well worth it. 

Also this week, the senior couple, the Stewarts, took us to a city called Bad Zwischenahn that's in our area, but we never get to go to, because we don't have a car and it is not in the bus range, so we don't ever get a chance to go. We went over to a big lake in the middle in the city and we looked at all the cool old historic houses and windmill, and did a lot of finding there! People walk along this water line, because its very peaceful and we got to talk to people about the Gospel there, so that was great! We had a couple great conversations, one of which was with a great couple that had some quite appealing dogs, so obviously I had to go talk to them. They were fairly interested, and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they said they would give us a call when they're open to meet, so that was awesome.

Shout out to the senior couple, the Stewarts!

 The other great part of the week was Saturday. We planned an activity where all 6 Elders from our district came down to Oldenburg fr a finding activity. Everyone brought 4 Books of Mormon in German, 1 in Turkish, and 1 in another personally chosen language with them. We all had an hour with different companions and we just focused on getting our Books of Mormon out and finding these people prepared to hear the Gospel. We got 17 books out in just these 4 hours, which was super cool! Altogether, that makes 21 that were given out this week in Oldenburg, plus a lot of contacts, so you can say it was quite a successful week in Oldenburg. 

Anyway, since it was just Valentine's Day, I thought I would share something I found about love that I read. Obviously, I was reading about the Love of God in 1 John:4. That chapter really has some good stuff, about why we love God, how we can show our love for Him, how He loves us, it's just a packed scripture passage of love, and it's great. Although my favorite out of all of them is such a simple, yet powerful scripture. In verse 19: "We love him, because he first loved us". What a great message that simple sentence sends. 

My Valentine's Package from my Mom via Amazon Germany!

Sorry I had so much this week, a lot went down! I hope you all have a good week!!!

Saw a tree over a lake, climbed it naturally
Cute Lake then

How do you say, "Delay," in Chinese? Doi Che Ban is Deutsche Bahn (the German Train System)

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