Monday, February 27, 2017

This week was AWESOME!!

Hello Everyone!

This week was another awesome one. I went on Tausch (the German word that we use for splits) with our district leader and he and I stayed in Oldenburg, and it was a good time. We went finding basically the whole time and we got 6 Books of Mormon out and a few contacts, so it was a solid Tausch. It was also nice to be able to speak English as always haha.

Football (soccer) on Tuesday was awesome as always, I wouldn't have ever expected to like soccer as much as I do now haha.

Wednesday was solid, got a few Books of Mormon out, but Thursday was Harvest Day! Harvest Day is a day where every missionary in our mission was out finding for as long as they could this day, and we had all fasted the day before for it. All day, any companionship who found some success from this day could text in to this one number their success story and it would be sent out to the whole mission. It was so sweet, our phone was just non stop getting texts all day from all the success the missionaries found that day.

Lamberti Kirsche on Harvest Day

Personally, we did amazing too. The morning started off kinda slow, because it was pouring rain all day and it was cold and nobody wanted to hear from us. Then we took a quick break and ate some lunch, and right after, we just blew up! We met this lady who we doored, and she was pretty interested, and we gave her a Book of Mormon and set up an appointment to meet on Friday this week! Now we're just working on getting a joint teach there haha.  But right after that we just went nuts. We got a total of 12 Books of Mormon out, a ton in German and a ton in Arabic, with one in Turkish. It was very successful, and there's no way we could’ve managed that without the help of Heavenly Father.  Amazing, the amount of miracles we saw and heard about that day.

Döner for lunch on Harvest Day!

Also on Thursday, we met with Amjad again! The lesson went seriously so amazing. Probably because it was in English haha. But for real, we taught him everything up to baptism and enduring to the end, but he is still really interested which is so awesome! One of my favorite parts was when we asked him if he would say the closing prayer. And just like anyone unfamiliar with how to pray, he was nervous and didn't want to. We promised him we wouldn't judge him and that Heavenly Father really wants to hear from him, no matter how he does it. Anyways he agreed to say it, and it was such a simple, but powerful prayer. He said, "Heavenly Father, we thank you that you have brought us the truth. Amen." Yes, he missed closing in the name of Jesus Christ, but as we know, God is understanding and knows we make mistakes, and it was seriously so awesome.

Also, he told us he has been talking to his friends about us, and one of his friends wants to meet with us. But she's moving to Sweden soon, so she wants us to hook her up with the missionaries in Sweden, which we will gladly do.  But yeah what a cool experience, especially on Harvest Day. We are going to try to get him on a baptismal date when we meet with him tomorrow, so I'll keep you updated on that!

Saturday, we had our Book of Mormon activity in Willhemshaven, and it was really good! It rained all day again, but we didn't give up.  We got a good amount of Books of Mormon out and contacts, but the cool thing was that Elder Mehr and Elder Sinclair went and looked for one of the investigators that Willhemshaven has, and they met with him.  His name is Stanley, and they asked him why he can't come to church on Sundays, and they found out he lives in Oldenburg! So as sad as it is for Willhemshaven elders, he's now our investigator, haha, because they didn't even know he lived in Oldenburg! Nice though, we got another investigator from something in a completely different city!

Ready to hand out this Book of Mormon on the Waterfront
Sunday we were so excited to see who came to church. We had placed a bunch of invitations and were sure that at least someone we invited would come. We were greeting everyone all morning and nobody had come, so we had accepted our L.

But then, a man named Alex walks in and introduces himself! He lives near the church and just had the feeling like he sould come to our church, so it was so awesome! We talked to him about how our church works, and left our number with him, because he didn't want to set an appointment yet, so hopefully he calls.

Also another girl came on Sunday too that we didn't ever talk to. We didn't get a chance to meet her, but our ward mission leader met her, and hopefully she calls us or comes next Sunday. 

Anyways, that was my week. Another great one. This week we have appointments every single day, and on Wednesday we are going to Hamburg to hear from a member of the Seventy, so we’re looking forward to this week. 

Also, do you know how in the movie, “The Best Two Years,” the two missionaries break the mission record of handing Books of Mormon out? I think they got 62 out in one week, so Elder Mehr and I are going to try our hardest to beat this record next week. We're starting a week from today, and we're going to fast for the success of it next Sunday!

"Here lives the most spoiled Cocker Spaniel in the world." Missing my dogs right about now.

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123

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