Sunday, November 13, 2016

2nd year in the MTC!! .....or maybe just 2nd week...

Hello beautiful friends and family,

This honestly has felt like 2 years already! We have been non stop studying in classrooms about 90% of our lives here. But I do know that the gift of tongues is real! This week we have been teaching a investigator (teacher acting like one), named Julia, who had been baptized into the Catholic Church, and we taught her the first three lessons! In all German! I definitely said things in those lessons that I haven't ever learned before and never planned on saying, it was an awesome experience. 

Me and my companion just received 3 new investigators for our next lessons! Marvin, Christina, and Stefano! It's going to be tough planning three lessons in one day but I have learned that as I plan my lessons to center around Christ and leave room for the Spirit to give guidance, the lesson goes alot smoother and the Spirit is a lot stronger! 

Anyways, me and my man Elder Wright, from my district, go play 4-square every day in the MTC gym and everyone get's mad when we're in with them because they know we're about to get them out hahah.

We are working hard out here trying to stay sane while getting ready to go to Germany! 

From preparing my lesson in Sacrament meeting tomorrow, I have been diving into the New Testament learning as much as I can so my lesson will go as good as it possibly can! I was particularly impressed by the scripture at the end of all the writing of what Christ when through and his crucifixion and everything the very end of the book it says: Luke 22: 47 "And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem." 

This directly applies to all the missionaries and future missionaries and, like they said, every member a missionary! So I know that Christ died for us for us to receive a remission from our sins, temptations, trials, and everything! Feed His sheep! Love you all

Pic 1: My awesome Cousin and Mom beat the system and got us some caffeine!!!

Pic 2: My man Elder Bates (went to Highland) and Elder Schnebly (went to Mesa High) were my zone leaders and we were the AZ crew but they are off in Frankfurt now doing the Lord's work.

Pic 3: well ya its just pic 3

Pic 4: all of our jackets chilling

Pic 5: P-day trip to the temple Saturday

Love you all! Feel free to Email or send a Dear Elder letter I'm always down for a good read! Tchau!

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