Monday, May 7, 2018

Young Mocc

Iyi akshamlar my friends.

Sorry to inform you, but by the reasoning of a packed pday this weekly will be a shorter one.

Man what a week of normalities again. We had 2 exchanges, one with Elder Wride of California who has quite a beautiful taste in music about which we were able to converse for quite a while. Except I had a flashback like the one you see in movies/TV shows where it’s all instant and fast when he pronounced, „Bon Iver“ like „Bone Eevehr,“ because I remember many many moons ago as I was still such a small unknowing missionary and Elder Samuel Douglas Mehr had told me about the way this one elder pronounces Bon Iver, so that was neat. Other than lots of music talk, we did missionary work such as a Sport evening where we got to play volleyball and basketball with some legends, great time.

I also ate a lot of Pizza with Elder Wright.

Elder Wright and I had the blessed opportunity to take part in an exchange with one another and let me tell you a bit about this glorious exchanging of companionships. We met some legends. First, we met an American on a train who was from San Diego which was neat. We had no idea until he pulled out an American passport and couldn’t speak any German to the ticket checker. We also met a German youth guy who was obsessed with American basketball and James Harden and his jump back look shoot cereal move, he was hilarious. We met a couple super nice feminists who we talked to for a little bit, which was also pretty sweet. Hmmm who else, a legendary African who studied at New York University, an Arabic guy who spoke really good English and was suuuuper confused asking why we would leave America and come to that city we were in, which was lit, haha. Let’s just say most people we met were pretty pumped that we were American. Elder Wright became a mother and choked. We found 20€ on the ground. I can’t begin to explain to you how great this Tausch was. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull off another this transfer before he most likely leaves me.

street display after the legendary tausch

I bought lederhosen today and if you don’t know what those are, just google it. I’ll send pics next week, had no time to take pics today because we were busy doing the Lord’s will and translating a solid Persian lesson in Plauen. Good stuff.

the plauen sisters, us, and a legend from zwickau
Anyways tell your moms something nice this week I sure do like my mom a whole lot 👍

well bye  

Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof

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