Monday, April 30, 2018


Welcome once again, peers and colleagues, wonderful to see you all here gathered together here on this beautiful pday.

I’ll let you guys who these two stunners are (check out the matching ties)
pics we took from our cute hike today (Beautiful Germany)

والله what did we do this week, hmmmm. We went on splits this week with E Blanchard Blanchard and Elder Dawson, which was good. I was up in the giant city of Hohenstein with Elder Dawson. Some noteworthy parts: We went finding and walked towards a place called the Sachsen ring, a very large motorcycle race track, in fact (could be actually fake news, someone fact check me) the largest in Germany. We also met a new friend from Afghanistan when we were finding. He didn’t have much time to talk, but I was able to explain a little bit about what we do, what the Book of Mormon is, and we gave him one in return for his contact info. As we were messaging this week, he said to me „Sorry, I can from you question ask?“ (meaning: excuse me, can I ask you a question), so I replied „Yes you can.“ (meaning: yes you can). He then asks me, „Why I book number read?“ (meaning: *I had no idea*), since this was a confusing question, he reworded it with his next text. „Why you want that I about church understand?“ (meaning: *you can figure it out*). I was a little afraid when he asked this, because it’s usually just his way of getting ready to roast us and say he is without interest to learn more, but I took the opportunity and told him about the greatness of this gospel and Book of Mormon and he was pleased with my answer. In fact he told me „Very comment of goodness is,“ (meaning: that is a great comment). Persian is a very weird language my friends.

Anyways, aside from the hours on hours of talking about baseball, we had one other pretty awesome highlight of our Tausch. We met with a family of their ward, whose dad went to Greece on his mission and I am happy to announce that I have finally met a former Greek missionary DID in fact go to jail on his mission. I have asked everyone I meet that went there, but was yet to succeed in finding one. Even though the story wasn’t as you’d think it would be, he was put in jail in Greece as a missionary, pretty crazy.

We have made a lot of Arabic/Persian/Turkish/German friends from Sport finding. We take our basketball and head over to a public basketball court, find some legends balling up, and challenge them to a pickup game. It’s actually quite effective. We were playing when some guys came up and started throwing an American football around and I asked them, „So do you gentlemen enjoy yourselves a bit of American football?“ They actually had just bought the ball yesterday and were just learning how to throw it, but they were pretty pumped when they found out we were from the birthplace of that sport and knew how to throw it right. We threw around with them for a bit, and then they challenged us to a 2v2 (I wanted to decline and go for the 1v1 on rust, but that wouldn’t work), and we beat them obviously.

Quick shout out to the Diamondbacks #all9series‘

Other than that, we met with another Persian friend to whom I taught the first lesson, which went pretty well. We had another couple lessons and we are meeting with an American this week we found in our contacts. We met some Americans in the store Galleria today, one from Virginia and the other from Prescott, AZ, so that was awesome. Go America.

Also the Turkish missionaries are getting kicked out of their mission again and being put into other missions so I wouldn’t be surprised if we receive some Turkish missionaries soon, but more to that next week I guess.

Hexenfeuer (witches burning)
The Walpurgisnacht (also witches burning) is a traditional Northern and Central European festival, partly with fire smoke on 30 April. The name derives from the sacred Walburga whose memorial day was celebrated until the Middle Ages on the day of their canonization on May 1. The Walpurgisnacht was the Vigilfe of the festival. As a "Dance in May", it has also found its way into private and commercial events as an urban, modern festival event on the eve of the May Day, because of the opportunity to dance and socialize.

Have fun this week and #GODBACKS #BeatLA

Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof

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