Monday, April 23, 2018

April April, der macht, was er will

Shooooooooot man, how are my legends doing?

Well, not gonna lie to you, but we had quite a normal, unexciting week. You’ll have that every now and then. Let’s see some of the highlights though.

Me and my legend, Elder Wright

Well we left the mission this week. Before you try calling David A Bednar to get me sent home, we had permission, no worries. We have a member of our ward who lives in the Frankfurt Germany mission, but our church is closest to her so she comes to our ward, which gives us permission from President Fingerle to go minister to her. That was fun, I got to practice my almost fluent Italian that I learned from the legend Cralissa, including being able to say that her granddaughter is crazy. Elder Rasmussen was a big fan of her little granddaughter, almost in a weird way. We talked with her about the new ministering program and about the new changes we learned about in general conference, it was a good meeting for sure. Quite legendary was that she had 2 small dogs who were very friendly, I like friendly dogs.

Here’s a lowlight of the week. So we met a really solid Persian man a few weeks ago who was very interesting in reading the Book of Mormon. He gladly accepts the book, tell us he’ll read it, and would like to talk about it once he’s done reading it. Classic, we think, as this is a classic response from many people. We got his phone number, and talk to him every now and then to ask how his reading is coming, and he always said he’s reading a few pages every night and he’ll finish it soon. Well, he finished it this week (in only a few weeks) and being one of the very few investigators who actually reads the Book of Mormon, he ended up not liking it and not being interested to learn more, which was pretty sad. We’re working with him now to see what he didn’t like and how to find out if the book is really true or not.

On a much higher / hotter note, it’s getting really hot here. Not nearly as hot as the greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country Mesa, Arizona, USA; but enough to get the Germans worried. Apparently this is the hottest it’s ever gotten this early in the summer in all recorded history. Not much I’m afraid of, I like the hot weather.

Other than those parts of my week and a few random ones I’m sure I’m forgetting, we had an alright week. Not too great but not too trash.

Have a warm week my friends

Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof

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