Monday, May 14, 2018

Y’all mind if I....


First off, I’d like to give all a fat Happy belated Mother’s Day to all mothers, future mothers, fathers, uncles, the cousin that nobody likes but is in the family so is loved, dog mothers, the rest of the dogs, and myself.

Also it was a big week in our family as well. My father had a birthday, sister had a birthday, brother in law and sister had their anniversary, other sister survived yet another week without me, and they all had the blessing to get to speak to me over Skype. The Skype was pretty fun, crazy that it’s the last time I’ll see them until I’m back in America.

my legends
It was also a nice week here on the other side of the flat earth, in Hof Germany. I taught/translated a few Persian lessons which took up our entire Tuesday basically, we had a street display where we received phone numbers of some legends here who are interested in learning about the restored gospel. We also had a long trip up to Leipzig and had interviews with President Fingerle which was also pretty good. I think we hit a record high of the amount of delay—almost 4 hours behind we were—I believe. Poor man has to deal with that like 10 times every 6 weeks.

MTC / T-Pose Tuesday

interviews / y’all mind if we t-pose?
Thursday was an interesting holiday here in Germany, known as Christi Himmelfahrt (ascension I believe?) or also known as Father’s Day, where almost all of the men in the country go around the city pulling weird carts full of beer and music and just be weird. We celebrated the best way two Americans could celebrate, by meeting with an American man named James. He’s an opera singer and goes all over Europe singing in shows and performing and teaching other singers how to sing. He was a cool man. He also had a very friendly Labrador. He has been taught before by the missionaries and really respects our church (has a daughter in America who’s a member) but isn’t really too interested to change churches but loves to learn more about Christ from us and talking about religion. And obviously, who wouldn’t want to chill with some Americans in a different country? So that was fun. We also played a German knock off version of dodgeball called Völkerball with some members and non members, and obviously I destroyed them all because as we all know, if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.

But yeah, we’re still working with a few of our investigators to help them progress, and our friend from Syria who’s golden is still doing great. He is starting an internship in a few weeks that will help him a lot to get his family over here so he can get baptized and join our church.

We’ve seen some cool stuff the last couple pdays. This place is beautiful and just packed fetching full of cool things to see. 

a cool castle in Hof with Lederhosen

an oldie: i call this one, "when you didn't prepare for snow on your ride to Hamburg and it starts snowing"

Anyways, I might bounce out of here I mean why not shoot guys we’ll hit youngish a fat Tschüss then.

Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof

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