Monday, February 26, 2018


Merhaba boys and girls nasilsin. çokiyi? iyi.

Vell (cue Oakys accent), this week was interesting for sure. Funny story to start you boys off today. I was blessed to go on splits with the Australian nephew of Steve Irwin (not really, would be cool though) and that was great. It’s hard to remember he’s Australian as I talk to him about American things and it just goes right over his head. Anyways we were on a bus during our exchange, and the bus gets on the freeway for some reason. We were the only people still standing up, because there were no 2-seaters for us both to sit down, so we stayed standing and he was telling me quite an intriguing story. After a few minutes of driving the bus driver gets on his intercom thing and says in a heavy heavy German accent „Could yoü please sit down so sat vee can drrife a little bit fastah?“ so that was awesome. We were thinking it probably took him a few minutes to look up all those words because we were already on the Autobahn for about 5 minutes before he said that. Germans and English, man, wonderful combination.

Tausch with the credible hunter himself, Elder Denny

Oh man, we had an interesting lesson this week. We brought one of our Afghani friends of the church to our Persian speaking members house, and that didn’t play out too well. This man, being quite defensive of the Qur’an and his beliefs, thought our words were absolute nonsense. He had a very hard time grasping the concept of „believing without seeing,“ as he argued very hard that there must be proof of the Book of Mormon (which there is, but it’s useless telling them to him) or there’s not truth whatsoever. I think my favorite part, though, was when he started on one of his rants earlier in the lesson, and it started getting heated between literally only himself. But as he was going off, he stopped, looked at our Persian member and says „One moment. Do you have some tea or something? We’re going to need some tea,“ in the most sassy way ever—it was quite amazing. Unfortunately not much came out of the lesson except that we convinced him to give it a try and read a good amount in the book before he shoots down that idea.

I was back in Berlin this past week for exchanges as well and that was great. Fun to be back in that apartment in Tiergarten since my stay there back in the legendary days. We’re back in contact with Faiz, working on meeting with him again, but it hasn’t worked out yet. We won’t give up on him though.

Interesting last names at a place we rang at. Oldenburg is a dope last name, Haar (hair) is also quite an interesting last name. 

Something I found quite interesting this week, was at a lesson with Jason, our new convert. We had a lesson and read in the Book of the Mormons with him (what most Germans call it) and had an overall good lesson. Once we were finished he prayed for the closing, and right before he ended the prayer he said, „Well Heavenly Father, I wish you also a beautiful evening,“ which was interesting. It was funny at first because that’s not usually said in prayers (at least from what I’ve heard) but why? Sometimes during our prayers we can focus too much on ourselves and things we want/need, but maybe God would like us to be thinking about Him as well as ourselves. Just an interesting thought, carry on now with your day and try to be less selfish next time you pray.

Sick. Peace aüt

it’s getting chilly here -12 degrees this coming week

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