Monday, February 12, 2018


Merhaba boys and girls,

Great to see you back. The beginning of this week was sad because it was time for Elder Hillyard to bid himself goodbye to some of the greats that we have here in Hamburg. We were also blessed with an awesome member of our ward, Beccy, who made us some awesome insanely comfy blankets with freaking dog paws. Even though I was tempted to just sit down in a seat as I helped him get into his train to Berlin, it was time to say goodbye. RIP Elder Hillyard, he will be missed.

stupid ice taking my boy away (rip hillyard)
our legendary blankets (rip hillyard)
Other than that, I received later the new one called Morrell, and nothing too exciting happened that day. Friday we met with our legends Georg and Faiz. Georg is an interesting one to teach now. We’ve been teaching him for more than 6 months now, so he knows about everything that we teach to investigators, so it’s not always too easy to figure out a lesson for him. We focused on the temple this time, and he’s quite excited to be able to make it over there after his baptism. With Faiz, we had also a great lesson. We finished the rest of the points that we needed to teach him, focusing on priesthood and the temple, and the importance of going to church. He accepted it all really great, Brother Troke also helped greatly in our lesson, and it was just awesome overall. The next day he had his baptismal interview! Of course he destroyed it and we were all really excited for him to be baptized this next Saturday. Unfortunately he didn’t make it to church yesterday so we’re going to have to move the baptism back a week or two :/ but that’s alright. More important that he’s 100% ready and prepared than to be baptized quicker.

our legend Faiz (rip hillyard)

We were asked to help a few ladies from the Tafel that we work with to help them clean out and take some stuff to the dump out of one of their apartments and it was pretty....let’s say...not too hygienic lol. Luckily I had worn gloves cuz it was cold—because otherwise I’d probably be home by now with a case of every cancer there is. It was a fun time though, it’s always great to serve others and spread the love of Christ. Later that day, we had a ward activity called Fasching. Someone explained it to me and as best as I can remember they said it was a little similar to Mardi Gras, which helps me not at all because I’m Arizonan. Everyone dressed up in costumes and we played some fun games together. Overall a fun time.

On Saturday as we were walking home, I heard two people speaking English with each other nowhere near a place where one would usually hear English (i.e., train station, airport, tourist attractions) so I hit the legends with a „Hold up, where are you guys from?“ and we started a legendary conversation with some Brits from Manchester. Once we explained that we’re missionaries from the Mormon church, the man said, „Oh no not you guys. Your people attacked me in England“ (cue the trash Hillyard British accent) „Okay, well, maybe attacked isn’t the right word; but they never would leave me alone!“ And then they had to go take their dog for a walk and they were expecting someone soon so in other words they didn’t want to be „attacked“ by us either. Pretty funny experience, haha.

Anyways that’s about it for this week folks. I finished Genesis in the German bible just a few days ago and learning all about how legendary Moses is. I definitely recommend reading some scriptures, it’s.....Spa

we conquered the moose (rip hillyard)

rip hillyard


Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Heckengang 55
21079 Hamburg

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