Monday, February 19, 2018

I Willn‘t Do That

Well hello there, nice to be back with you on quite the sunny surprise of a pday here in Hamburg.

So you’re wondering what I did this week? Most likely not, but you get to find out anyways. Probably the highlight of my week was the beginning. After having some meetings and an interview, we hopped on a train towards Braunschweig, where the other one had exchanges with the Turkish speaking elder there, Elder Miller, from Gilbert Arizona. Unfortunately for him, he went to Higley High School, but as we talked more we found out we were at the same music festival about 3 summers ago, pretty neat. Anyways, he was a legend but more importantly was that I saw my treasure Elder Hofeling, the only person on this living earth to have taken more L‘s at a ZoKo than thought humanly possible. He is all over the keyboard. We had quite the fun time catching up after all these years since the days of the reign of the Oldenburg district. We were also blessed to take part in their District meeting, which includes a district of literally only legends. We’ve got Elder Searle, the fearless „1 goal is enough“ legend district leader, then his companion the one and only Elder Wehrend, from whom myths are written, wie herrlich sind die Beine, amazing man. Then we had the other two that I’ve previously described, and that was just the perfect recipe for an amazing district meeting, and rest of our exchange.

my legends, wehrend and hofeling #dreamdritt


On our way back home one day we were waiting for our S Bahn to take us home to Harburg, as the train across from us kinda stays at the platform for longer than usual. Then come 2 Deutsche Bahn Security people, who go in to the Bahn and rip out these two dudes who didn’t want to leave that train. At one point they were being carried by the back of the pants, no way that didn’t hurt, and after that the security brought out like 3 empty large bottles of vodka. Afterwards the guys kinda just gave up and decided to just sleep on the ground next to the train, probably their next best idea.

goodnight friends

Besides that, we had an English lesson with Rebecca the legend herself, and that was fun. I taught her all the important rules that most Americans forget like „willn‘t“ „you’re & your being freely interchangeable“ and a couple other good ones I forgot.

We also had a lesson with a man from Afghanistan which went quite well. He’s a little crazy, but there might be something there. We invited him to church, and he did end up coming during the last 15 minutes of church just to come tell us he’s feeling sick so he can’t come haha. لِگِند. The best news of our week was when our good friend Faiz got back into contact with us. We were quite worried for him that something happened and somehow he couldn’t get ahold of us but everything’s okay. He is dealing with family problems and needed some alone time to deal with it. We are grateful that he’s back with us and that we can now continue helping him towards baptism. The Lord does miracles.

In the Book of Mormon Book of Moroni chapter 7:29, we read And because he hath done this, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men. We still see miracles daily. Pray for yourself to be able to see the miracles that we could be able to see every day and there will be a difference.



Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Heckengang 55
21079 Hamburg

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