Monday, December 4, 2017

Well that's not pretty

Merry Christmas everybody!

We had quite the week. Nothing compared to last week’s craziness, but it was still fun.

winterdom is good
We had a lesson with Jason again that started off not too well, but did a full 180 and ended with him deciding he’s going to be baptized on January 6th and there’s nothing going to stop him from that, so that was dope.

Georg is also doing quite well. The Rathaus in Wilhelmsburg was super classic and not open at all until today, so he wasn’t able to get the papers done to get married quite yet. But we’re hoping for about 4 weeks from now, we should be ready to baptize the legend. We also had a good amount of lessons fall through this week, which included one with Richmond, so that wasn’t very fun.

legendary poster at Richmond’s house

Other than all that, we’ve just been doing lots of finding and getting everyone to Light the World. We’ve had some super dope conversations with some legends about the real meaning of Christmas, and how most people forget what it actually is. We’ve found the perfect question for people when we talk to them on the street und zwar „What is the real meaning of Christmas to you?“ and that’s perfect BECAUSE, if they are religious, most of them would say it’s about the birth of Jesus, about coming closer to God all that good stuff...but, even if they aren’t religious, they will talk about how it’s about family and just being a good person in general. So no matter in which direction it goes, it’s always super possible and easy to bring it back to the #LightTheWorld initiative, which is great by the way. We’ve been trying to do something every day that goes along with the initiative and posting it on our WhatsApp story so that we can hopefully inspire someone to also try to Light the World.

cute Tannenbaum 

district pdayyyy


You all do the same. Be nice people and love others—that is all.


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