Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Is dat possible?

Well friends,

It’s an honor to be able to greet you in the middle of this Christmas—New Year’s week where everyone’s trying out their new gifts and usually where I’m dying to light my fireworks off early—but I’m forced to wait until New Year’s…

I have no clue where to start because it feels like a month since I’ve written last, when it’s only been a week and a few days. I will go through the highlights with you. 

On Tuesday night, I got a call from Elder Neale, the Persian group leader, in a quite panicked way asked us if we were home. We had just gotten home to change so we could head over to play volleyball, so I replied hesitantly yes, and then panicked, he asked me if I could translate for a lesson for Elders at that exact moment.

I wasn’t going to back down, no matter how trash I think my Persian is. I said okay and got my notes, got my trusty comp in the background with google translate on--ready for words I didn’t know--and just went to town. Classically, the elders were teaching a lesson I had no complete notes for, but we didn’t have any time to doubt. Listening to the elders teach in German, I had to translate it in my head from German into Farsi without trying to get English mixed up in there, it was quite interesting! The guy luckily understood me well and I was able to say everything the elders were trying to say, just in a different way.

We received a referral this week from sisters in Cologne, Germany. This new friend of ours is from Indonesia and is truly pretty golden. He has never really been into religion, doesn’t know much about the Bible or Jesus, but has already started praying and reading in the Book of Mormon and seems really interested and it’s awesome.
The rest of our investigators are still doing great and the 3 who are going to be baptized soon are doing awesome.

Christmas was wonderful. On Heiligabend (holy evening, Christmas Eve) we were with a family in our ward who had every type of German cookies and crackers there is. We sang lots and went through the Christmas stories, played games and it was overall a great time. 

Christmas Fun Times

Christmas Day, we were with a family that my dad had been with in Christmas 1981, when he was on his mission in Germany. That was really an awesome experience, and a great fun night as well. 

Christmas Dinner with the Krugs in Hamburg - flashback of Christmas 1981

Also my family was blessed with the opportunity to Skype me so that was fun for them I believe (and me 😉).

my family I think?

Then on the second day of Christmas (yes, Germans celebrate Christmas for 3 days), we were with another family and had some wonderful food and a good time. Later we went and hung out with Jason, our legend, who’s getting baptized on January 6th, and we watched a great ole Disney movie with him.

Christmas is over, but we need to remember the words of a pastor we talked to while caroling, „We should be thinking about Jesus ALWAYS—not just at Christmas time!“ which is true and great.

Have a good New Year and do some good fireworks in my Name.

Cool, see you, 

goodbye cool Christmas Market

don't mess with us


Train Station Announcement - Notice all of the references to Star Wars--Hans Solo, Obi-Wan, Vader, C3PO and lastly, Yoda speak: 3 Minutes Waiting You Must

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