Monday, December 18, 2017


Merry Christmas you filthy animals

Our week was filled with some great beautiful Christmas bock. We had ZoKo this week, which was quite normal except we were all given copies of the book „Jesus the Christ“ in German from President and Sister Fingerle with mini notes to each of us—very nice.

We met with Jason this week and had quite the bomb lesson. We taught him the law of tithing, which he understood very well, and a bit about the word of wisdom, just answering questions he had (even though some Germans have different outlooks on it). Overall, great lesson. He is still ready and planning on getting baptized on January 6th, which is wonderful.

On Friday, we did some zone caroling around different suburbs in Hamburg, and that was quite the blast. My son, Elder Mehr, and I had a blast giving out cards and speaking to some legends while the rest of our zone sang some Christmas songs. We met some very cool and nice people, a legendary lady from Oldenburg (the city Elder Mehr and I were a year ago), some legendary German girls who have great tastes in music and were also pretty interested in our message (legends took like 3 extra Light the World cards to give to their friends).

some legend we saw in a u Bahn station

Caroling with the Zone

Overall, it was a super fun night—except one noteworthy roast one of us got. As we were finishing up in one of the suburbs, we started getting ready to take a picture, but a passerby didn’t want that to happen apparently. As he walks by, he hits the phone out of Elder Hickenlooper’s hands. The Elder ignores it, and then as he tries to pick it up, the guy kicks his phone around on the ground. We (still posed for the picture ) are all just like, what da freaking heck is going on? The man leaves, but turns right back and starts swearing at us, calling us a sect, and shoving the Elder pretty hard. Elder Hillyard takes a step up to protect poor lil’ Elder Hickenlooper, but the guy walks away (probably because of fear of the great Elder Kevin Oliver Hillyard) and doesn’t forget to leave a good ol’ spit on him.


Interesting story, but goes to show how even in 2017 Christmas time we can still get such persecution from people, when we are doing truly nothing wrong, but spreading the word of the Gospel.

We also had a legendary lesson with Richmond and he still really wants to be baptized, but struggles hardcore with getting to church, so we’ll have to roast him nice and good.

Anyways, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and don’t forget to leave room for Christ, the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas.

Eat some good food.


Elder Glenn JohnsonKirche Jesu ChristiHeckengang 5521079 HamburgGermany

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