Monday, April 10, 2017


Hello my little Flüchtlings. I hope you all had a fantastic week.

On Tuesday, I got to go on Tausch with the one and only, Elder C. My son is a legend, and it was quite a good Tausch. We went to a member’s house there and I let myself the hair be cut (that is the way "getting a haircut" is described in the German grammar system.) I find it quite cute-- a direct quote from the legend Elder Allen. She did quite well though, considering she's 3/4 blind. That wasn't true, her eyes are fully functioning. We went to some random village and did some finding there, which was great. We showed the Easter video (The Prince of Peace) to a very nice woman, and she found it beautiful. We also talked to a kind fella who was speaking something us missionaries (and the rest of anyone else in the world who speaks German) call "Platt Deutsch". This is a dialect of German mainly spoken in northwestern parts of Germany, like forever ago though. This was the first person I've ever talked to that spoke Platt. I couldn't understand like a word he was saying, my son Elder Colemere obviously couldn't, so I translated for him. Just kidding, we both struggled a little bit, but I bet it was a good conversation. All in all, it was a pretty nice Tausch, 10/10 would Tausch again. Oh, and my legend Elder Wehrend left me some flowers and a note for when I got back to Oldenburg.

Note left by Elder Wehrend (MTC companion)

We got to have a double zone conference in Hannover on Wednesday. That was pretty fun, we learned a lot of stuff like usual. President Fingerle is still a legend. The meeting was focused a lot on using Facebook. Apparently somebody thought it was a good idea to put the Germany Berlin mission on the Facebook program. We are the first German mission, and second European mission to have Facebook, it will be pretty interesting. So far to me it sounds pretty lame, mostly because they said no FarmVille. I'm pretty bummed about that, hopefully they change their minds about that.

On Thursday, guess who we found. Stretch? No, that was Monday. For real we saw Stretch on Monday, I got a video of him doing some weird stuff, being Stretch and all, that was crazy. I wonder sometimes if he ever goes home at night after terrorizing people all day, or like does he have pets that he just like yells at all day? Naja Mal schauen (rip). Anyways, we found my son AMJAD!! Apparently he just didn't have any minutes on his phone, so he couldn't call us or text us so we got his email now so we don't have to worry that he got kidnapped or something not as extreme. He's doing wonderful, for those of you wondering. He put on the most legendary jacket so here he is being his usual legend self.
We found Amjad!

Friday was pretty legendary. The day was a pretty normal Friday, but then my best friends (the Stewarts) came and picked us up and we drove to a city called Varel for the best thing that's happened to me in a while. We went to a buffet at a fish restaurant by the harbor. It was quite lecker, although I was a little afraid at first, because fish is probably one of the grossest things on this earth. But then we found out it was a buffet, and they didn't just have fish. I'm talking spare ribs, meatballs, schnitzel, everything an American could ever dream of. But, Sister Stewart used her mother powers, and made me get at least one thing of fish. I was quite surprised, I was a fan of the fish. No idea what it was, but it was pretty good. I also got these things that looked like onion rings, but apparently they were squids. Yes, mom you're reading this correctly, I did eat fish on my own will. It was a super nice restaurant and a very nice time was had.

Awesome Buffet Dinner with the Stewarts

Then Saturday, we had another harvest day in the mission, where we harvest as many people in the day as we can. Our whole district came down to Oldenburg to celebrate (harvest with us). It was a really good time, I enjoyed it quite well. On my time with Elder Wehrend, we met this dude who's super into Legos, and it was a very fun conversation. We talked with him for like 45 minutes about tons of stuff (including Jesus). It was great. Then when I was with Elder Seegmüller (he's German), we talked to one of the chilliest couple of people ever. It was my legend Umut, and his friend Rieka. They were so chill, we talked to them for a long time too, it was nice. Later that day, I got a call from the Farsi group leader in our mission, telling me that I have been officially put in the Farsi program. I received a ton of files for learning Farsi, and all I learned from it is that متشکرم means thank you, and it's pronounced "merci" like the way to say thank you in French. Interesting stuff.

I have been studying towards the end of Matthew this past week, perfect timing for Easter because I get to read all about Christ's crucifixion, the resurrection and all that good stuff. One of my favorite parts has always been when Christ doesn't think He can handle it anymore, so He asks His father, "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine be done." When I was studying this, I read a quote that I really liked. It talked about trials, and when we need help with them. It said stuff about when we are in a trial(s), should we be asking God to change it and get us out of the tough times, or should we be asking God for His help to endure through it? I liked that question, it put me into deep thought for sure. 

Anyways, there's my week. I hope you are all doing fantastic, and by this time next week I will know whether I'm staying in Oldenburg or getting transferred, so I will talk to you legends next week!

ارشد جُنسان

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123

​Land near Wilhemshaven

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