Monday, April 3, 2017


Hello everybody,

Another week down haha. This one went by super fast at some times and super slow at others haha.

Tuesday was really good. I had my interview with President Fingerle and it was really good. It's always fun meeting with him, he helps me a lot! I actually have some big news about my interview, but I'll save it for later. Anyways, that was a stressful day though because I had to coordinate a ton of stuff, but it was pretty good. We then had our street display and it went really well! We got some contacts from it and it was pretty fun. I also got to chill with the rest of our zone which was nice.

Street Display in Oldenburg

Then right after that, I got the opportunity to go on splits with Elder Teuscher, our zone leader. That was a bunch of freaking fun. He goes home in like 2 weeks, but he's still super motivated, its dope. I've got so much respect for him, and he's hilarious too--so we had a good time. I got to meet one of their investigators who speaks Persian and sit in on a lesson where one of the Persian speaking elders in our mission taught him over Skype, it was sick. It'll be sicker when you read the end.

Oh also the shower in the Osnabrück apartment (where I stayed the night) got ripped out for some reason a couple days before, so we got to take sponge baths hahahaha.

Also on our Tausch we were informed by Sister Skalka, a sister in our zone who has been out about 9 months, that she's going home early for medical stuff. It was sad, she was super cool and we were pretty tight. All good though, I was super glad I was on Tausch there and got to find out first person from her, because usually when people go home for "medical problems" there are always like “conspiracies and stuff” but it's all good.

Then I went back to Oldenburg, where at least we have a shower haha. Then on Thursday, we had English class which was good. I had the idea right before to start the Book of Mormon--with everyone learning English--in English, so that we could go one chapter per class and discuss and make sure it makes sense to everyone. We did that as the last part of the class and I think it went really well. There's one non-member who comes and I think she enjoyed it.

Then Friday, we started the Easter initiative and it went pretty well. We showed the video to a few people who really enjoyed it. One said he wanted to share it on Facebook and with his family--so that was pretty sick. 

Oh yeah, our investigator, Amjad, has fallen off the face of the planet. I have no clue where he is. We've called him for the past 2.5 weeks plenty of times and haven't heard anything from him. We also have tried going to his house twice and still nothing. Hopefully he's not gone, and just ignoring us haha. That would still suck though if he was ignoring us. But for real we have no clue what's up with him, hopefully he shows up sometime.

On Saturday we had a pretty interesting experience. We had just finished doing our district finding activity in Willhemshaven, and we were waiting for our train back to Oldenburg. This dude comes up to us (obviously drunk:  you could see the empty bottle in his pocket, he wasn't walking straight, smelled like alcohol) and he said, "I would like to talk to you guys about the Bible." I said, “Okay, what about it?” He just stood there for like 10 seconds and then asked in English where we were from. We said America, and then he just freaking went off on us. He like was yelling at us about how bad Trump is and how Obama shouldn't have left and all this stuff and he was so mad. Everyone was staring at us. Then he asked us how much we get paid and when we told him that we pay to serve a mission, he didn't believe us, because we're from America, and America is all about money. Then he asked why we were here in Germany (in English) so I replied simply with, "Why not?" And he just stopped and we had a stare down for a short eternity, and then this dude got so mad. He said,"Your English is very good, do not make me angry by using English words I don't understand, that makes me very angry!" Then I explained to him in German that all I said was, “why not,” and he kept yelling at us for being so stupid for coming from America. It was a great time haha.

So for my BIG NEWS…Two interviews ago, President Fingerle asked me to start thinking about learning a third language, because my German is already super good apparently. So I've been thinking about it and I was thinking French.

He asked me about it again this week in my interview and 100% shot the idea down for French. Then he just stared at me for about 45 seconds, and said Farsi.

Farsi (also known as Persian) is the language spoken in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other middle eastern countries. I’m pretty nervous about it because it is so difficult. I’m definitely excited that he has extended the invitation to me to learn a third language in just the few short months I’ve been in Germany! He asked me to think about it and let him know.

Oh, and sorry, mom, I was so busy organizing the street display that I forgot to take pictures like you asked. I’ll see if I can get some from another missionary and send them to you for the blog.

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123

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