Monday, April 17, 2017

Frohe Ostern / Transfers

My people, 

It is great to be writing to you all once again. To begin this rollercoaster of an email, I feel the need to tell you all that I'm being transferred to Brandenburg! It is a city near Berlin, and I'm pretty pumped. My son Elder Seegmüller, the German one, was trained there. My new comp is Elder Noland and he is one transfer less than me on the mission, so I'm greenie breaking for the third time in a row! 

I'm pretty excited to see a new area, that's for sure. I'm hoping the weather will be a little warmer there too (if you feel me). It's in the Berlin zone, which means we get to go anywhere in Berlin on our pdays, that will be super sick. Where in Berlin will I go first?

McDonald's?  Mac's Kebap? President Fingerle's house? Any of those attractions would make for a solid pday.

Anyways, on to my week. Tuesday, our sweet wonderful neubekehrt (new convert) Nils, accompanied us to visit some less/non active members of our branch. That was pretty not too bad, we didn't get any lessons taught, just 2 set up appointments for later in the week. Nils is an absolute legend though, he will be dearly missed. He was a champ for coming with us and seeing what a mission is like, when you don't get much success after a long day of work.

Looking back on this week I'm realizing how uneventful it was haha. Thursday was a pretty busy day not gonna lie. We started off going to search for a Serbian family that lived in a village thing pretty far away from us. We took a bus and then walked for like a half hour and got pretty lost haha. But it wasn't in vain, we found probably one of the cutest parts of Oldenburg I've ever seen, that was sick. But since we got lost, we had to get back to our next appointment so we didn't get to find the family. Thank the heavens for the Stewarts, they found us with their handy GPS, and were dolls and picked us up to take us to our next appointment. We met with a less active, he's a legend.

Then we had English class right after that, which is always a great deal of fun. Right after, we had 2 more appointments that we needed to get to. After getting all the way over there, they both cancelled on us, which sucked haha. Here's a part of that cute Oldenburg spot I was telling you about.

Beautiful Oldenburg

Friday we met with Amjad again! He's seriously a legend. We had a wonderful lesson about the commandments and all that good stuff.

Oh yes I have Facebook now!! I'm sure a few of you noticed, pretty crazy. Not too much to report on that except I'm pretty excited to work online to help the work go smoother! Oh also, my best friends the Stewarts brought me over some leaving gifts, because they go home at the end of this transfer (this Wednesday)!!

Hot Cheetos and Cholula--My Favorite!

I just need to mention the Diamondbacks. They're playing good this year so far--of course when I'm gone. That is all.

Saturday I did some more Facebook work and we cleaned a lot of the day. The apartment is looking lots better. Then, after hours of agonizing waiting, we finally got our transfer calls from, “Mr. Show Some Respect” (Elder Lex). He told me that I will be going to Brandenburg, I just about lost it, I was so nervous. Turned out good though, I'm super excited!!! I will for sure miss Oldenburg, and the branch is amazing. Gonna be crazy serving in East Germany, if you can't tell I'm pretty excited though.

Fischer Family from the Oldenburg Branch--I'm gonna miss them!

My Boys from the Berlin Doner
Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Plauer Straße 11d
Brandenburg an der Havel
Germany 14770

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