Monday, January 2, 2017

Frohe Neues Jahr!!! (Happy New Year)

Shopping on Cobblestone Streets on P-day

What is good fam and friends. 

I hope you all had a good New Years and made some awesome goals that will last a week or so before you give up, because that's what new years is all about right?? Nah I'm just playing but I hope you all had some awesome fireworks and food and stuff because unfortunately we are not allowed to do fireworks as missionaries...weird rule, right? What can go wrong with a bunch of 18 year old dudes playing with explosives? Beats me...

On Tuesday of this past week, we played soccer with a member of the ward and some of his friends! It was nuts and I never realized how bad I was at 'fußball' until I actually played it. Haha for real these guys were like pros and the coach of our team kept yelling at me in German to do a certain thing so I learned a couple useful vocabulary words...and probably a couple that I shouldn't repeat lol. But it was really fun and hopefully they still invite us next week even though I am not that good.

This week was really good! Elder Sinclair, from Chester, England came down to Oldenburg on splits with me for a few days, so I was in charge of Oldenburg! It was a little scary but we were fine, actually, on Wednesday when we went knocking on doors, we gave out 3 Books of Mormon in German and 1 in Arabic to people who were interested in learning more! We also taught a walk in lesson, and gave out 100 pass along cards. The next 2 days, we went out again and gave out 2 more Books of Mormon to other potential investigators, and had 2 more walk in lessons! The work is really moving out here and it's awesome to see all the success we're having.

But yeah, not much happening here other than that! Silvester (New Years Eve) Is a crazy day for Germans, so we are told to be home by 6 so that we don't get hurt or anything bad happens to us so we got to chill and watch some fireworks outside of our window for New Years and that was still pretty awesome. Also, I had to introduce myself during church on Sunday and that was super scary because I know everyone in the congregation was just making fun of my German the whole time!! I left them with an awesome scripture, I hope it made sense, in Moroni 7:33 "Und Christus hat gesagt: Wenn ihr Glauben an mich habt, werdet ihr Macht haben, alles zu tun, was mir ratsam ist." So when we have faith in Christ, we can do anything that is expedient in Him. Never forget that!!! 

Have a beautiful week to start of your new years. 
Love you guys.

Elder Glenn Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123 

​An idea of what most of the streets here look like

A world war memorial at our train station. it says : In Memory of the citizens of Oldenburg, who have fallen in World Wars.

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