Monday, January 16, 2017

"Geh Weiter!"

Guten Tag everyone. 

Man it is truly lit over here in good ole Oldenburg. This week was pretty dope! It started off with the Mission President coming to our church building for zone interviews, so me and Elder Mehr got the privilege of setting everything up. Those were dope, afterwards, we went out with the Mission President and went and met with a family and it was crazy, President Fingerle is an amazing teacher. It was a little intimidating at first teaching in German with our mission president, but I loosened up and it was a great lesson!

Also this week, when we were at our Train Station, we were approached by this dude preaching the Catholic church. Haha he had a bunch of pamphlets and he tried to make us take one, so I offered him a switch, his thing for our card. He then proceeded to go on a 10 minute rant on why our church is wrong and that we should get our whole church to be baptized into the Catholic church, his only reasoning, was because the Catholic church was older. Haha it was a good conversation, we didn't argue at all or anything because we're out here doing the same thing he is! It was a good experience haha. 

On Friday this week, we were waiting for our train to get here, and there was a very interesting homeless guy sitting down yelling a lot of random crazy stuff to himself in German, and it was quite frankly pretty funny haha. When the train arrived, we got in and he came in too! We were confused how he has a ticket, because they are not very cheap, but we just whatevered it. 
Then like 10 minutes later, the ticket lady comes by and asks him for his ticket, and we just heard him yelling things like, "That is my name!" and​, "That is my ticket!" which obviously it wasn​'t. Then she told him he has to get off, and he started cussing her out the worst I've seen here yet haha. He said some terrible things, also threatening her that in 100 years he is coming back to get her? Haha he was crazy but he got off before she had to do something worse hahaha.

Alright, and now for the explanation of the Title of today​'s email. It all started today on our walk to church. We were actually on time to our bus stop, and so when we got there, there was a tall man sitting down waiting for the bus. Since the bus didn​'t come for like 10 minutes, we decided to just walk to the bus station. When we started walking, this guy got up immediately and followed. He was following really close behind and he was like nonstop mumbling under his breath, which we found kind of weird, but we didn't think too much of it. We decided to slow down just to see if he would pass in front of us and keep walking, but no, of course he stopped right behind us and mumbled louder the words​, "Geh weiter," hence the title. SO he basically told us to keep walking. By now we're getting kind of scared so we kept walking, and I told Elder Mehr that we should stop at this upcoming bus stop, and if he stopped with us, it was about to go down. So we get up to it, and stop, and of course HE STOPS. I was seriously ready to throw down. Haha not really​, but I was about to ask him if there was something we could help him with, but he stopped for a couple seconds, and then just started running to the bus station. Seriously the weirdest/scariest experience, and I am 100% sure that the Lord had a hand in the fact that we are safe and sound right now. Seriously this dude was crazy haha. 

Other than those couple experiences, this week was normal!!! Haha please pray for us out here in Germany, there are some crazy people out here. Well I hope you are all loving life and feel extremely welcome to slide in to my emails. You know what it is, and stay warm.

1. we brought our new convert to enjoy the greatness that is Mums Diner

2. Idk we found this and joked about buying a water bed for our apartment and seeing if the mission would reimburse it haha

​​3. Found some cool graffiti, took a pic with it, simple as that

Elder Glenn Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123 

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