Monday, March 26, 2018

I was caught

Good day friends.

I should switch up my email writing schedule because I write all my legends back first and then I get to the time to write this email, and I am just completely drained of drive haha. But alas it will not prevail, I will fill your minds with knowledge of what the heck I’m up to down here in Hof.

Well this week was actually quite full of traveling. We were traveling altogether this week for easily more than 30 hours. We had to travel to Hof, back up to Hamburg for a wedding, back down to Hof, up to Zwickau and Werdau for district meeting, up to Leipzig for stake conference, back down to Werdau to sleep, back up to Leipzig for Stake Conference, and then back to Hof.

Here are some interesting things that happened amongst these many travelings. We got moved into different ICEs (high speed trains) twice on the way to Leipzig because of technical problems, got roasted for not having a German personal ID card (not possible for Americans to get), (which is actually a compliment, because she must’ve thought they were native Germans!), talked to a pretty cool dude from Missouri who’s living here for work, we contemplated going GTA mode and stealing a car during our walk to the home from the train station with our three suitcase bags each, uphill. Just met some good ole legends.

my freaking SON elder wright (mtc reunion?)

random city (beautiful Germany!)

We also were with the opportunity to see the marriage from our good friend and one of my investigators from Hamburg, Georg. That was an awesome experience and I’m really excited to be able to go back this coming Saturday to have the honor of baptizing him! He is a great man who I’ll write more about next week. I swear a lot of stuff happened this week, but I must’ve lost all of it with the sleep we lost Saturday night. 

saw my boy hillyard before this boy conquers the land of eternal pdays

Story for you legends. So 2 sisters in our district were planning on sleeping over in Leipzig for Stake Conference, but didn’t wanna carry their heavy overnight bags (filled with like 40 pounds of make up or bricks or something I swear) so they gave it to us to bring to them later, because they thought we were driving. Well turns out we forgot we weren’t driving, so we accepted their plea of help and took their luggage. Once we realized we weren’t driving, it was too late. We brought them in to the apartment to not forget to take the bags with us when we ride the train back. Well, we choked and forgot them. The moment we realized it was when we were walking to the train AFTER the meeting and the Sisters asked us where their bags we contemplated how we could get them back and still make it home on time and found it was impossible for that night. So we went home, ate pizzza and partied, woke up the next morning at 5:30 (technically 4:30 with Europe going on daylight savings time—screw daylight savings—I’m Arizonan) and drove the stuff up to them. That was quite an experience.

me with a few legends

with a few more legends (rip family home evenings)

goodbye to the greats, the Storeys. Unfortunately they’re from Northern California

Well a lot more crap happened, but I’m gonna draw the line here because I’ve exerted all my energy into this and I’m just running on fumes now. I’m excited to get to work here in Hof and me and Elder Rasmussen are gonna have lots of fun.

some Hof (actual hills, weird)

Don’t forget to watch General Conference and hear from some inspired prophets!!!


Elder Johnson
Ludwigstrasse 52
95028 Hof

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