Monday, March 19, 2018

Alright ladies, your time is up

Servus my legends,

We had quite the week. I’ll begin with the wonderful news of transfers. I am being blessed with the opportunity to join with a good friend of mine, the „I Mean, Why Not?“ inventor, apfel sherle lover himself, even Elder Cole Rasmussen. We are going to be tackling the city of Hof together with no idea what we are doing. Our city is the most south part of our mission, inside of Bavaria (Bavaria is the thing people think about when someone mentions Germans; with Lederhosen and beer, the whole 9 yards). We are white washing this area, which means we both come in at the same time with no experienced person to teach us the ways of this city. It will be an interesting experience for sure.

a district

We had two interesting miracles this week I’d love to recount. The first was when we took an interesting path we had never seen, which led us to finding a random pasture of like 4 goats in the middle of nowhere, but gated in. Naturally I tried to pet them, but they didn’t let me. 

a sheep

We also found a large body of water somewhat frozen still so naturally we threw rocks at it to break the ice which was cool. Then we found a giant water tower near the body of water in which there were apartments where people live! So that was cool, we had to ring them, and a Turkish man answered one of them and was interested but sick, so we need to come back later. That’ll be cool. Then we talked to a man who had been taught earlier by missionaries but wasn’t interested in the gospel, rather much more interested in talking about gun laws in America and politics—which is obviously our favorite topic as Americans in a liberal country hahaha. Not really. After that, we went to our bus stop to head to institute, when my companion had a freak out when the bus was coming and thought it would be on the other side of the road, so he started running across the street but then realized what he was doing halfway so he ran back. As we were discussing this odd occurrence in the bus, a man standing next to us asks, „Where are you guys from?“ and we’re like America. And he’s like, yeah I knew that, but where and then we told him and turns out he is from Virginia! He was doing work here for his church too which is cool. We had a great conversation with him until he had to exit the bus. But THEN as he’s leaving, we give him a card of ours in case he ever needs help or anything and a man sitting behind us saw the picture of Jesus on the card and said, „Hello my brother, can you give me also picture of Jesus yes?“ and so we gave him and his friend one, and turns out they both speak Turkish as well, and were Christians! So, Morrell talked to them and one was quite interested in more words about Jesus in the Book of Mormon and took one. He also said he’s going to hook us up with his pastor here in Germany of his Turkish Christian church, so they can all also hear about this book, haha. Pretty cool. Then on the S Bahn a man had heard Elder Morrell speaking Turkish, so he came up to him and started talking to him and we’re like no way 3 times in a row. But he only wanted money so that wasn’t too crazy but still very cool experience.

The other miracle we had this week started on Tuesday. We had taken some time to go through our people we have phone numbers for that haven’t been contacted in a long time and call them to see if they are interested in meeting. Well we were calling a number for a German that we had in our system, no answer. Okay well the number is probably not working anymore like the other numbers we’ve called, moving on. About 5 minutes later this number calls back, I start off in German, and he replies in some foreign language I don’t understand. My comp yells out, „Wait. That’s Turkish,“ so I gave him the phone, they spoke for a bit, and we made an appointment for yesterday. This Romanian man who bought this phone from some random German turned out to speak Turkish (not his native language) to me, sparking Elder Morrell’s Turkish skills, which led to our appointment yesterday which was really good (apparently, didn’t understand any of it). The man is Christian and is really excited to learn more about God and His plan for us. Really cool how that all perfectly happened!

Anyways, that’s a lot already and I gotta pack and do things to get ready for the 7.5 hour train ride to Hof on Wednesday. Georg is getting married this week! I’m quite excited for the chance to come back up here and be a witness for his wedding! He’s a legend.

Hope you enjoyed. Kolay Gelsin

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Heckengang 55
21079 Hamburg
(for a few more days)

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