Monday, January 22, 2018

Winter storm means madness

Belcome Frack Wiends,

Glad to see us all gathered together once again for a few words of information from the great city of Hamburg, Germany.

Scary Storm

This week was freaking cold. We were blessed with the opportunity to be hit with a winter storm called Friederike, but luckily we were in the mild part. Actually we heard that a couple people in Germany actually died because of the storm, and the train system was pretty messed up again like every time such a storm comes. All we got here was cold temps and lots of snow. Me and Elder Hillyard took advantage of the snow during one of our lunch breaks and made a snow man and had an epic snowball fight. Like usual though I destroyed him and, as winner, I got to drop a snowball as big as I could make on him as he made a snow angel.

Taking some time to play in the snow

We spent an entire day of the week going out to small villages where the bus lines are very seldom, so we spent a lot of time waiting. All of the referrals we had of people that were apparently interested in learning more about the church, actually had no idea what our church was, had never gone on the internet, and had no interest to learn more. But it is okay, because now we don’t need to waste time going out there and not getting an answer. Something pretty good came out of one of the days we were in a small village place trying to visit an earlier investigator (that wasn’t home). We were out, after trying his house, doing some door knocking and street contacting, and we saw a tv store playing a handball game, so we stopped and watched for a bit. Let me just tell you, handball seems like a crazy weird but fun game. Anyways, afterwards we saw this guy walking our way, talked to him, and he had legit interest to learn more. We got to talk to him all the way back to the train station, at the train station waiting for the train, and the train ride home. We got his information and hope something good will come out of it.

Our two baptismal candidates, Faiz and Georg, are doing awesome. Georg gave us great news, he got everything figured out so that he can finally be baptized on March 31st! It’s in a while, but the important thing is he hasn’t given up and really understands the importance of baptism. Faiz is also still excited to be baptized, and his baptism will be on February 11th most likely. Legend broke his finger playing basketball for the professional team he’s on, but that won’t stop him.

Well sons, it was great to write to you once again. I’m really excited for the new First Presidency of the Church and what greatness will come out of it. This is the true church. Peace out!✌

Our church building got tagged...

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Heckengang 55
21079 Hamburg

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