Monday, January 15, 2018

Hafen Station

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Welcome to our next chapter of this 104 chapter novel of my mission.

Well, you guessed it sons; another busy as heck week. It started off with us meeting with a referral of a friend from Afghanistan, who was quite interested in receiving a Bible in Persian. We met with him, I started to explain what we are and what we do in Farsi, and after I say that we’re from America, he says „You’re American?“ in an impressive American accent. He then explains to us how he was a translator for American troops in Afghanistan, so can speak fairly good English. We then jumped right on that opportunity and introduced the Bible and Book of Mormon in the best language in the world. He was sincerely pretty interested, which was awesome. Later that day me and Elder Hillyard destroyed some chumps in volleyball.

We also met ourselves with Faiz this week, our Indonesian legend who is a basketball baller. We had another great lesson with him going through the commandments and what God’s expectations are for us, and he was down to work on following them all, so we were super happy about that. He then continued afterwards to break Elder Hillyard’s ankles every time he had the ball.

We received a referral from an Elder in the London England mission, who spoke with someone from our area online who would love a visit from us. This guy lives about an hour away from us in a small village outside of Hamburg. So we head on out to go visit him after treating ourselves with wonderful Döner with 6 different sauce selections. The bus ride was 45 minutes, and then we waited for a different bus, that went classic and fell out and never came for some reason. We were left with the choice to either wait for an hour for the next train home, or walk an hour to his house. Being the bockfull missionaries that we are, we choose the walk in -1 degree weather. It was cold, but we were excited because we knew the Lord wouldn’t let us do all this for nothing...we get there, ring answer. Maybe he didn’t hear it. Ring twice...... still no answer. After about the 5th ring we gave up and decided to knock on the doors in the area, from which we didn’t have much success. Right before we started the long walk back to the train station, we rang one more time, and the guy’s parents were there. They had no clue what we were talking about but were interested in what we do, so we got the chance to introduce ourselves. The father said, „well I’m a lost cause, you won’t have any success with me, but good luck with my son.“ And we came back yesterday and he wasn’t there again. Hopefully one of these days we’ll get in contact with him.

Stade is a cute city 

President Monson was a man who learned the lesson to never refuse to act to a prompting from the Holy Ghost. He has had an insane amount of experiences where he followed just the smallest prompting, and became a life saver or a soul saver. He and his amazing ways of living will be truly missed, but he’s in a much happier place now.

when you’re freezing at a member's house and find a blanket that matches your personality 

Probably one of the hugest blasphemies I’ve ever seen. This painting is in a train station here and says „United We Stand, Divided We Fall“ on a picture with the American flag and the twin towers.

an ICE passing through, along with a surprise at the end

Well thanks for readin' that’s all folks 👍

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