Monday, March 6, 2017

Hey guys, it's Rasmussen

Hello everyone,

Man it feels like just last week I was typing a weekly. Time really flies by man. Things are going pretty well out here in good ole Oldenburg.

Crazy to think that this transfer is almost coming to an end already, and I won’t be a trainee anymore, but I’m still waiting for President to call me to AP. Haha nah but this Saturday we will be getting our transfer calls, and it'll be exciting to see where Elder Mehr goes, and whether I stay here or move somewhere too. I also have some grape soda and Cheetos and American candy I've been waiting to eat until transfer calls to celebrate, so it will be unite the night that's for sure.

Anyway, this week was great! We had another great lesson with our investigator, Amjad, and talked a lot about baptism and the importance of it. We didn't get him on a specific baptismal date, but we challenged him to have a date prepared for the next time we meet.

On Wednesday, we went to Hamburg for a meeting with Elder Sabin of the Quorum of the Seventy! He had a ton of experiences and a lot of awesome stuff to share with us, along with his wife. He is speaking in General Conference in April, so look out for him! 

I also got to see Elder Wright from the MTC, it was bomb to hang out with my dude after a while.

me with the legend, Elder Wright (3/1/17 for U.S.)

sick church in Hamburg
This Saturday, we started a competition with our zone leaders. Last week, I talked about me and Elder Mehr trying to beat the record set in, "The Best Two Years," of 62 Books of Mormon out in one week, and our zone leaders wanted in on the competition. So now, we have to both beat the record, and beat the zone leaders (who only have about one month left on their missions). The prize for the winner though, is what gives us the ultimate push. Besides a desire to further the Lord's work, the losing companionship has to buy Mom's Diner for the winning. And we're not just talking a burger. We are talking a burger, fries, a drink and a milkshake. So this is the real deal. We started on Saturday at 12, and we did pretty good on Saturday. I unfortunately can’t release the number of how many we have out so far, because there can’t be any risk of the zone leaders seeing this email and getting any ideas. Haha but you guys will for sure find out next week what our total number was.

We had another couple lessons this week, nothing too special to report though. We met with our other investigator, Klaus, and just talked over what his concerns were and figured all that out. But yeah that's about all for this week, it was pretty good! The work is moving a lot now up here and it’s so awesome to see, makes me hope that I stay here and get to continue, but we will see on Saturday!

Something Elder Sabin shared that I would like to relay to you guys, is about the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He was talking about certain ones, and how some of them were doctors, lawyers, judges, just men with really good paying jobs, amazing lives, and some of the smartest people you would meet. But they were called to serve a full time job as an Apostle of Jesus Christ. They were asked to drop everything in their lives, for the rest of their lives, and serve the Lord. Next, I believe he was talking about Elder Holland in particular, and I believe either he or someone else asked Holland the question along the lines of, "How could you just drop everything, and do this for the rest of your life?" And he responded simply with, "What I do is very little compared to what He did."

Sometimes I think of how hard it was to leave everything at home and give up 2 years of my life in service of the Lord, but I just need to think of this. What I do as a missionary is very little compared to what Christ did for me, so I should have no complaints. And that can be applied almost anywhere in our lives. Whenever we are going through a tough trial we can just think, "What I feel is nothing in comparison to what He felt". I love this church, and all the blessings that come from it!

coolest guy in Oldenburg, white beanie, white scarf, blue McLaren

I hope you all have an amazing week, and I'll be back next week!

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123

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