Monday, March 13, 2017

Absolute and Total Destruction

Hello all,

It's me back for another report of my week. I feel like you're all on your toes waiting for the results of our competition with the zone leaders, so I will start with that. So this week, we had a few appointments and we were busy with some other stuff throughout the week, but other than those, we focused all of our remaining time on finding. We would go for hours in our downtown area and talk to every single person we could about the Book of Mormon. After a week full of that, the zone leaders came down to Oldenburg for the Grand Reveal. For lunch after the ending on Saturday, we went and ordered our Mom's Diner. This was everything, the burger, curly fries, milkshake, and soda. We ordered it all and decided we would open the sealed envelopes with the totals right when our burgers got to us.

Well, right as our burgers are set down in front of us, Elder Teuscher receives a call from the APs, also known as his transfer call. Well, this is also another huge Grand Reveal, and we couldn't start with the other until he's off the phone. So very soon after that, we found out that our zone leaders can't keep a secret if their life depended on it. Haha then Elder Allen tells me that I'm staying in Oldenburg, and my new companion will be Elder Sadowski from Chicago. Then by the process of elimination and process of zone leaders not being able to keep something from us, we figure out that Elder Mehr will be going to Annaberg to serve with Elder Santos.

Anyways, after a 10 minute rollercoaster of a phone call, we decide it's time for the other Grand Reveal. We slowly open each other’s letters up and both read the numbers simultaneously. Our zone leaders had a total of 11 Books of Mormon, and we came close behind them at a tight 141 Books of Mormon out.

They thought we were just messing with them when they read our number, but this is not something we joke about. We then showed them our proof, of every single name time and date of every book we shared out. Therefore, absolute and total destruction.

A rare picture of our zone leaders paying for our Mom's. Check out that 50 Euro bill!

Anyways, more about this transfer. So it's sad to have Elder Mehr leave, but hopefully he has a lot of fun in Annaberg. I've heard only super good things about the area and his new comp, so he is without a doubt gonna have the best time of his mission there. I'm kinda nervous to be in charge of Oldenburg now, it's gonna be crazy. And my new comp came from the Preston, England MTC the same day as me, so we both have the same time experience, so hopefully it goes well hahaha.

Our district is getting pretty changed up too, which is also sad because of how fun our district was. We're starting the Easter Initiative pretty soon here, which is super exciting. It's always fun to have a time of the year where you can talk to people just about Christ and what He's done for us. 

We met a ton of really interesting people this week haha. One guy walked up to us and said he knows about us and our church, and that God loves gays. We agreed with him that He does, and then explained our beliefs considering that topic, and we got to clear some stuff up with him so that was nice, but kinda funny haha.

On the other hand, Amjad unfortunately didn't make it to church again this week, but he came as soon as he woke up, and we got to make him some lunch and teach him a lesson. It was a wonderful lesson about temples, and a bunch of different commandments that a lot of people think are really dumb about our church, but he thought it was wonderful and loved it, so it's been going really well with him, he's just gotta get to church!!

Me and Elder Mehr with Amjad, our investigator.
Well, I hope you are all doing wonderful, and my address will be staying the same for the next at least 5 weeks, so all of you who are just dying to send me letters, it is the same.

Last FHE with our Crew.

Me and Elder Sinclair a few weeks ago, he's going to Forst now, R.I.P.
Have a great week, I'll see you all next week!!!

Elder Johnson
Germany Berlin Mission
Bürgerstraße 61
Oldenburg 26123


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