Monday, November 20, 2017


Welcome back, earthlings. I am honored to have yet another chance to report of my doings here in Hamburg to you all again.

a Beauty from last week

We had a heck ton of appointments fall out this week, which is super lame and not fun, but whatever—you’ll have that. We did get to meet with Jason again this week, and we had a solid lesson on baptism again and answered a couple questions and helped him with a couple of concerns he’s got. To our other baptismal candidates, one was sick this week and the other had completely no time...but we are for sure meeting with all three of them this week--for sure.

One of the days this week, we were in a bus on our way to do some finding because a lesson had just fallen through, and I noticed a mid-twenty year old guy just flat out staring at my nametag like I had a bullet hole in my chest or something. But that’s nothing new, so I ignored it, and once this guy is walking out of the bus, he yells back „DIE BIBEL IST EIN MÄRCHENBUCH!!“ Or for you lesser English speakers „THE BIBLE IS A FAIRYTALE BOOK“ and for those of you who can only speak Persian „کتاب مقدس یک کتاب افسانه است.“ Funny, because 1) he’s pretty wrong on that statement, and 2) he waited until he was out of the bus, because he couldn’t say it to my face. He must’ve been scared I’d just punch him right in the soul with some bomb truths of why he’s completely wrong. Naja, there’s always a next time.

Other than that, we did lots of finding this week and didn’t have much luck. We talked to a man from Italy who is catholic (which is super classic) but hates his church (even more classic). We told him our church is cool and he said he’d try it out so we got his number and hopefully something will come out of it. We also were on an S Bahn to Hamburg as a couple from Poland spoke to us, asking what church we were from. Once we said the name and asked if they’ve heard of us, they said „nope, and we don’t want to hear anymore,“ and continued to ask us about our church. Probably the longest conversation about the church I’ve had with someone after the conversation started with them telling me they don’t want to hear anymore. Neato.

Even though this week wasn’t as successful as some of our others, along with Thanksgiving coming up soon, I’ve been trying to stay grateful for what we have, and it’s helped a lot. Sometimes there are things that don’t go as well as we planned in our life, and it can really bum us out and keep us down. BUT when we try to always keep the spirit of Thanksgiving with us and actually realize how blessed we are to be living in a 1st world country with running water and heating systems; it’ll keep you humble for sure. Since we’ve got Thanksgiving this week, I want all of you to find someone you’re grateful for who you don’t get a chance to tell often that you’re grateful for them, and just say thanks for all they do. I can tell you now, it’ll brighten not only their day, but yours too.

ok bye

St. Michaelis Kirche

on top of the church

apparently the place where Harry Potter was filmed when he goes through the fire and says „diagon alley.“ Somebody fact check it. 

Elder Glenn Johnson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Heckengang 55
21079 Hamburg